Lifting The Veil of Consciousness by Laurel J. Botsford

“An exciting exploration of the Expansion of Human Consciousness. This book is both channeled and written, the information coming from Higher Beings and from the author’s own life experiences; where Science and Spirituality are presented side-by-side showing how each, in its way, is contributing to the Transformation and the Enlightenment. Revelations that astound, Guided Teachings that explain, Reprimands that humble and Expansion Techniques that help you to develop; all, stretching Human awareness from the known and into the unknown. No matter your current level of conscious awareness, you will gain from this book. We all have questions that have been and still are the burning quests that serve to propel Humankind forward. ‘LIFTING the VEIL of CONSCIOUSNESS’ will help to light your way.” Amazon

LIFTING the VEIL of CONSCIOUSNESS on > Light Limits Us To The Speed Of Light: Part 1 by Laurel Botsford

Light Limits Us To The Speed Of Light: Part 2 by Laurel Botsford

Light Limits Us To The Speed of Light: Part 3 by Laurel Botsford

Laurel Botsford is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin  Madison, Wisconsin, USA with studies at LUniversiti dAix-en-Provence, France majoring in languages, has been Master Scuba Diver Trainer teaching others the wonders of one non-human world and is Dr. of Acupuncture, Shiatsu Therapy Practitioner and Universal Energy Healer. She is an amateur astronomer, ever interested in space and all it holds and a member of The Planetary Society, keeping abreast of up-to-date astrophysics knowledge and space exploration progress just for the enjoyment of reaching out.