Lost Worlds of Ancient America by Frank Joseph

As described in fascinating detail in Frank Joseph’s new book, The Lost Worlds of Ancient America: Compelling Evidence of Ancient Immigrants, Lost Technologies, and Places of Power, dramatic new discoveries on the North American continent are startling the world of archeology. New archeological finds confirm that what we know as America was visited and influenced by visitors from Europe and the Near East hundreds, even thousands of years before 1492. Pre- Columbian explorers traversed the Atlantic to explore the New World, and the recent unearthing of their artifacts will re-write mainstream textbooks. A long-renowned expert and bestselling author in the field of prehistory, Joseph has brought together in his new book more than two dozen noted academics, researchers, and writers. In forty-six chapters, they amass myth-shattering information about such previously unknown discoveries as: A 3,000-year-old Phoenician altar in Los Angeles In Ohio, an Eastern Mediterranean pendant from 1,000 B.C. Two caches of coins of Imperial Rome along the Ohio River In a Native American burial mound in Tennessee, 2nd century Hebrew writings A Templar Tower in Rhode Island Celts in Pre-Columbian Ohio Ancient Highways in West Virginia Stone Sepulchres in Pennsylvania Frank Joseph is the Editor-in-Chief of the magazine, Ancient American, which since it’s establishment nearly two decades ago has popularized non-conformist archaeology and confronted scientific orthodoxy with documentation of artifacts of the ancient world and with the latest breakthroughs in genetic and forensic sciences. In the tradition of the groundbreaking research revealed in the magazine, The Lost Worlds of Ancient America answers the questions, “When did the first humans arrive in America? Who were they, where did they come from and how did they get here?” For more information, please visit www.newpagebooks.com, www.warwickassociates.net

by Frank Joseph
A frequent radio talk-show guest and popular public speaker around the country, Frank Joseph has been interviewed by Shirley MacLaine, Art Bell, Jeff Rense, Rob McConnell, and numerous other broadcast hosts. His lectures include presentations throughout Japan and Britain, and at conventions and seminars with the Association for Research an Enlightenment (the Edgar Cayce organization)Joseph is also a renowned author, with more than 20 books on ancient civilizations.