Madeline Adams Astrology and The Aquarian Age

The Aquarian Age and the Call for a New World Order

We are on the threshold of a time for regeneration of world power structures so they work for the good of the many rather than t he powerful few. Through the language of Astrology we are able to look symbolically at this time of change and understand the flavor of what is now emerging into world consciousness.

The transpersonal planets — Uranus, Neptune and Pluto – are very slow moving and when they make challenging aspects with each other we know this is a signature of a time of world change. There are predictable cycles of when these planets come together in the sky, just as there are cycles of the sun each year and the moon each month.

The beginning of the current cycle of when Uranus God of the Sky met Pluto God of the Underworld began with a conjunction on 9 Oct 1965 and again in 4 April and 30 June 1966. Now in 2012 is when the first of the waxing squares between these two planets occurs. Seven times Pluto and Uranus will meet by square aspect from 24 June 2012 — 16 March 2015. All of these meetings will be between 7 to 15 degrees of Aries and Capricorn.

A waxing square aspect is a time of tension that challenges the status quo. 24 June 2012 is when the first square aspect (90`) occurs and the challenge is on.

So this is a lengthy process of fundamental changes in not only the power structures of our world but also the balancing of power to include the rights and freedoms of individuals and interracial harmony.

The Cardinal Climax began back in 2008 with Pluto’s ingress into Capricorn followed by a T square with Saturn in Libra, Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn by August 2010 and the world was thrown into Financial and Political Mayhem. Now the challenges that lie ahead are showing themselves. The world is in a fragile state and our banking systems are vulnerable to forces outside of themselves as part of larger International Monetary Organizations. Misadventure has been exposed and the structures we have relied upon in the past are no longer serving us. Democracies appear less democratic.

The Libor scandal is the most recent and hugely damming of revelations within the World banking system. Manipulation within the stock markets, with high frequency trading and washing, distorts the markets; and the motivations on Wall St with the prevalent culture of greed and lack of social conscience has dire consequences for us all. Has money become God? Do we now live in a virtual reality world where large sums of money are won or lost in a nanosecond with nothing of real value being created in the process? Is pure manipulation destroying the real value of money and resources? Are our governments an expression of the people they govern? The Aquarian age asks us to consider these questions in the light of the Oneness of Mankind.

We need a New World Architecture for Management of our Resources be they Land, Water, Air or Money. How do we care for Gaia, our Mother Earth and it’s inhabitants? Let’s press the restart button and begin from a new place.

People now have a voice. There has been uprising in the streets of Egypt, Moscow and elsewhere. The Occupy Wall Street movement began 17 Sept 2011 with its slogan of People over Profit. This movement is not going to go away. It is growing stronger. Former members of the Wall St clan are becoming its leaders and they are developing training groups to implement more effective ways to get their message out. Corporate greed is under attack, financial war has begun and the call for revolution is in the airwaves.

The power of the web is making itself known. Facebook and YouTube spread images like wildfire and people can express their views and be heard. People can band together from everywhere and have a voice.

To begin to understand the new energies emerging in the world today we need to note the meanings of the planets in their signs and what was happening when these two met up in 1965/6. It was a time of Individual freedom of expression and a rebellion against the status quo. There were hippies and flower power, a call for free love, alternative lifestyles and songs such as “This is the Dawning of the Age of Aquarius”. A slogan of the time was Make Love Not War.

This was a time of protests for civil rights and the Vietnam War.

Medicare was established showing concern for the plight of the disadvantaged.

It has been suggested that the generation born in 1965/1966 at the time of the Uranus/Pluto conjunction in Virgo, is the one that will lead us forward bringing in new concepts and structures to create a new world order. They have an understanding of the mind/body dis- connection that is at the base of our wounding, as well as our disregard for the world’s resources and the distorted use of power and authority by those who control the financial and political world we find ourselves in today.

The old ways need to die so innovative actions leading to the right use of power can emerge. These people can become individuals who act as agents of cultural rebirth and transformation. Shocks serve as wake up calls and the truth that is buried will surface. The web is here and we are all witness to lies and atrocities, as well as the futility of war.

As a backdrop to all of this, the stage is also set for the emergence of the New Divine Feminine and her message of Love. The hundredth monkey principle is alive and well. It fits with the new quantum physics, string theories and M theory that shows how everything is connected and mystery is part of this new understanding of the fundamentals of our universe. Pluto represents the Soul in evolutionary Astrology and we are all souls on a journey as Roberto Assigoli’s psychosynthesis psychology attests.

This is a time of awakening to Truth, Love and a One World Community. Each one of us has the power to create a new world order in how we think and act in every moment of our lives. The power of intention is great. How is your intention set? Is it coming from a place of Love or Fear?

The world is made up of many man-made wonders of science and engineering and it is also made up of the magic and mystery of nature and the cosmos. Our minds are telepathic and capable of connecting to the subtle mind of the cosmos; there are unseen realms, which remain unconscious to most of us and moments when we briefly connect to these unknown realms. It is time to let go of fear of what we cannot explain and be willing to simplify our lives so we can move more lightly into our futures. How we navigate this time of challenge is a choice for each individual to make.

We need to create a new Architecture for International Government and a new transparent governing system for World Banking and Currency systems and heed the call to care for our eco-systems and the quality of life of all peoples. As the full moon emphasizes the impact of the first Uranus/Pluto square, there is news of the Higgs Bosun discovery of the God Particle breakthrough, which serves to explain the very existence of matter; and the Libor scandal is in full swing showing how the banking system is essentially corrupt, the effects of which are incalculable. This Uranus/Pluto square suggests we are on the brink of new Scientific and Spiritual discoveries.

Some of the Major Astrological signatures at this time:

June 2012

Uranus God of the Sky in Aries the Warrior archetype = Revolution

The courageous risk taker who initiates assertive direct action based on the intuitive knowing from the subtle mind held in the universal consciousness. Champion for the rights of individuals — people power. Uranus operates as a highly charged electrical energy force that can act suddenly like a bolt of lightning, serving as a “wake up call.” Expect the unexpected. On a personal level, transits by Uranus can overload the nervous system with electrical energy giving the feeling of being wired, unable to sleep. There is a need to become grounded (as an earthing rod) to dissipate this overload of energy. We are also more open to intuitive knowledge.

Pluto God of the underworld in Capricorn Structures of Power & Authority = Death/Rebirth and Transformation. Pluto speaks of the Soul and brings buried truth into the light. We are all individuals on a Soul’s journey. Are our leaders living from a place of conscience and empowered leadership based upon what is true in their hearts?

Pluto brings changes which eliminate the past that no longer serves us, a time to prune the dead wood. On a personal level, Pluto is magnetic energy, which attracts to itself the energy it projects. Notice how you think and feel. Eliminate memories from the past that no longer serve you well. Simplify your lives and ask yourself what has meaning for you? Let go of all the rest. Be willing to wait in darkness until a time of rebirth and follow the light when it appears, flowing with the current of life. Pluto is also symbolic of a Seed and its transit can become an evolutionary crossroad.

Neptune God of the Ocean, now at home in Pisces, the sign it rules,

communicates thru images and dreams and psychic knowing. This is a time of greater acceptance of a spiritual life and its expression through art and music.

Venus Goddess of Love in Gemini, the sign of communication and sharing of ideas and community with those around us. Speak from our hearts. Venus retrograde made her path across the face of the Sun on 5 June 2012 something that will not occur again until 2113. Observation and measurement of the passing of Venus across the face of the sun has enabled astronomers to calculate the distance in astronomical units between the centers of the Sun and the Earth more accurately. The last time this occurred was in Dec 1874 and Dec 1882 when scientists were able to measure the size of the galaxy we inhabit in astronomical units. Our known World was thus quantified in Light Years. ( 1 AU = 149,598,000km and 1 light year = 63,240 AU)

The transits of Venus in 2012 will provide scientists with more refinements providing the ability to search beyond our solar system for extrasolar planets (those outside our solar system).

Searching in the Habital Zone (where water can exist on the surface giving the possibility for life to exist) explores the possibility for the existence of extraterrestrial beings in other solar systems beyond our own. New dimensions to our world await discovery thanks to Venus.

Venus is stationary right now and about to go direct as I write this page. For me she represents Love, Truth from the heart, Beauty and Relationship. It is time for the return of a New Feminine into consciousness, time to listen to our hearts and revalue all that Love means in our lives.

Uranus’ discovery coincides with the time in history when there were the French and American revolutions, also the Industrial revolution and the establishment of Medicare. Uranus then is associated with new collective change and progressive social movements as well as new technological breakthroughs.

Pluto’s discovery is synchronistic with the discovery of nuclear power.

Pluto makes us aware of cycles of death and rebirth – the herald of new beginnings and issues of how we use power. It can also bring buried treasures into the light.

My hope is that my thoughts are able to stimulate new awareness and perhaps take a different perspective of the bigger picture emerging. We may be standing on the threshold of scientific discoveries that change our perceptions of the very existence of life itself. Science and Spiritual perspectives have been merging for some time now with the New Quantum Physics. The newly constructed large Hadron Collider for the Higgs Bosun project in Switzerland is searching for the elemental building blocks that make up matter called the God Particle and has just announced a breakthrough.

Uranus is associated with the myth of Prometheus who is said to have stolen Fire from the Gods and brought it to earth for humans to use. Think of how Fire brought light and warmth to the world and profoundly changed the ways we live. What will Uranus shock us with next? Sudden insights and Inventive thinking. Our minds are capable of telepathy and esp. If we can use this creative intelligence wisely anything is possible.

My personal interest is in the rebirth of the Feminine into consciousness with the desire of creating a new world order that includes the Masculine and Feminine perspectives as equals. It is through this experience of balance and wholeness that manifestation of true healing is possible on all levels of existence.

We may be on the brink of scientific breakthroughs and new understanding. Discoveries of Exoplanets and other Galaxies, life forms in the depths of our oceans and a new understanding of the nature of life itself. These discoveries have the potential to change our perceptions of ourselves and our place in the Universe, as well as expanding our levels of consciousness.

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Madeline Adams lives in Auckland, New Zealand. She began studying Astrology and Tarot in 1987. In 1989 her travels took her to England where she attended Summer Schools in Astrology. She returned to New Zealand and continued to immerse herself in Psychological Astrology and Psycho synthesis counselling. She later moved to Melbourne, Australia to study Applied Astrology at the Astro~Synthesis School of Astrology.