My Transformative Experience by Steve Thomson

I have always approached my spiritual path from a place of a need for taking some kind of physical action. I believe this force within me comes from the hyper level of psychic ability that I was born with in this lifetime. Along with this comes from an undeniable inner-force within me that seems to demand that I go about my journey in a physical way. I feel the pull of spiritual energy embodied in people and places. The speculative and intellectual parts of the spiritual path have always held a secondary place to taking some kind of action. This does not mean that I am not well educated and well read as a spiritual man. I am. Yet, there has always been a physical demand, the need to take action in some meaningful way that has been the light on my path.

To support my inner need, the strongest physical effort I have taken over the years is in my involvement with the Indigenous communities in the United States and in the Peruvian Andes. In both communities, I found a home and a way of doing my work that satisfied my spiritual hunger and physical need. Working with great leaders, through ceremonies that I was permitted to attend; I have been able to connect with the energy of the earth we live on. In this way, I continue to learn more about myself as a man — a man I see as a seeker for greater first-hand truth, understanding and knowledge. Following my inner direction and consciously pursuing ceremony with Indigenous people, has given me this opportunity — a way in which to experience the most incredible spiritual experiences of my life.

Once day each month, for close to ten years I participated in a traditional Sweat Lodge in the Lakota Tradition. As a point of information, a Sweat Lodge is a sacred ceremony of prayer and purification. There I formed a new family with leaders of the community and the people who showed up each month to do their own personal work and work on behalf of our world. Coming together in this way erased all boundaries and differences seemed to fade away. Joining in a ceremony of love and support was profound and life changing and something I had never experienced. Time and again, I knew I was experiencing some form of healing on so many levels through the love and support of others and the ceremony.

As time passed, I began to have a recurring dream. In this dream I could see and hear a drum. It was unlike anything I had ever seen or heard. As life unfolds on my path, in time I received an invitation to attend a different type of ceremony. When I arrived for the ceremony in the middle of the day, I was given instruction of my responsibility and an explanation of the ceremony. I was attending a traditional Navajo Peyote Ceremony, which is a healing ceremony for anyone who is in need of prayers and energetic support generated by the ceremony to rid them of illness. In this case, the ceremony was for a beloved friend of mine who was suffering a terminal illness. The Navajo Elder conducting the ceremony made my role and the role of everyone in attendance very clear. No matter what happened during the ceremony, I was instructed to pray nonstop for a healing and recovery of health for my friend. This ceremony began late in the afternoon and ended around eight the next morning. It was physically taxing as well as very demanding to be able to focus and pray for my friend.

I need to go off on a short tangent at this point. I have always been a firm believer that if I hold a question in my heart and mind, that the source I believe to be what is called God, will eventually give me an answer to my question. One of the questions I have had all my life is about energy. I wondered if I truly felt the healing energy friends sent my way when I was ill or in need of metaphysical support. I wanted something physical to prove to me what I believed was real and have a first-hand knowing of what everyone talks about as energy. I had been carrying this question for many years.

Now back to the ceremony. At some point during the night, I began to actually see the healing energy that was being created by the ceremony. I could see bands of energy emanating from the fire — the heart of the ceremony — in the center in the ceremonial space. It would be hard for me to describe what I saw other than to suggest the energy manifested to me in the form of invisible radiations. As the radiation of energy made it’s way across the space, I could see the healing energy entering the body of my friend.

My mother used to always quote the Bible and say, “ask and you shall receive.” The experience of the ceremony and the events of the night answered one of the biggest spiritual questions of my life.

There is one last piece of information. The drum used during the ceremony was the same as the drum in my recurring dream.

Stephen Thomson is a well-known psychic, writer and teacher, who leads workshops in the U.S. on expansion of the psychic senses and spiritual techniques for achieving self-mastery. These include sacred site tours, meditation, the Tarot, the Kabbala, and explorations of eastern mystical practices. Steve specializes in uncovering the source of master within, inner well-being and self-actualization that so many strive to experience. After his many workshops and private readings for clients, he has been strongly encouraged over the years to write down his special insights about how to go within and access answers to life questions — removing that which blocks spiritual development, and providing tools for finding the key to one’s personal spiritual journey and self-transformation. He is hosting a tour to Bali in October of 2015. Visit him on the Internet at

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