Open Your Heart & Be the Change!

Open Your Heart, Be the Change! Free Online Speaker Series from the Qi Summit 2012-2013 Join Master Mingtong Gu, Jean Houston, Ken Cohen, and others in exploring the role of the heart in the upcoming planetary transformation

This series provides the Wisdom of why to open the heart for self and the world from the perspective of top teachers and leaders. We also provide the Practice Tools of how to begindoing it. Every session includes Qigong and a complementary practice. The goal is to help you begin or renew a dedicated practice that will open your heart now. Master Gu has invited highly respected leaders, teachers and visionaries in the fields of science, wellness, sociology and spirituality to join him in thought-provoking and educational conversations on the heart.

You are invited to join Master Gu and respected thought leaders such as Jean Houston, James O’dea, Sharon Salzberg, Marci Shimoff, Janet Attwood, James Baraz, Ken Cohen and others in exploring the crucial role the heart plays in planetary transformation. Together we will delve into the wisdom from many paths and traditions as well as share true-life stories of individuals and communities around the globe that are actively shifting their lives through heart-centered living and practices.

This series of free online conversations kicks off in September 2012 and will be broadcast globally via online livestream video and audio.

Upcoming Events: You need to register once, at anytime, for the entire Free Online Speaker Series. With registration you can access the video recordings for an unlimited time until Feb. 30, 2013. Click here to register

All sessions take place 1:30 – 2:30pm (PT) unless otherwise noted

by Staff