Psi Wars: Is The Force Real? by IONS

We’re excited to share with you the latest version of IONS’ first Internet movie parody, Psi Wars. It’s an entertaining way to address an important question:

Is the Force real?

The movie stars Oh Be One Kenobi, a scientific jedi who shares intriguing new research on psychic abilities and global consciousness with young jedi.

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Best, Stephen Dinan Director of Membership & Marketing

Brought to you by the Institute of Noetic Sciences

What people are saying…

“They got it right – PSI Wars IS the Great Debate of our time. Nicely done IONS! ” –William Arntz, Producer/Director, What the Bleep Do We Know!? “Love it!” –Brian Johnson, Philosopher/CEO, “Entertaining and thought-provoking ” –Kelly Carlson, speech language pathologist

“Very professional, clear, funny, elegant, easy to watch. I want to know more!” –Karin Shola von Daler, psychotherapist, Denmark Executive Producer: Dan Gregoire Producer:Donna Pedraza-Director:Patrick J.Rodriguez Storyboards & Character Design: Patrick J.Rodriguez, Jeremy Polgar & Matt Taylor.-Animators: Patrick J. Rodriguez, Jeremy Polgar & Matt Taylor.-Sound Effects: Patrick J. Rodriguez -Voice Talent: Oh Be One Kenobi – Steve Bhaerman, Wake Up Laughing Productions (writing contribution as well) Grand Scoff and Narrator; Blair Hardman, Hardman Productions-Technical Lead: Alex Scott, Production: Angela Murphy, Jeff Kihn, and Zone Recording-Additional thanks for feedback, input and support:Jay Golden, Kelly Durkin, Devaa Haley Mitchell, Tyler Mitchell and IONS staff >

by IONS- Shift In Action/Stephen Dinan
Scientific inspiration: Dean Radin, Senior Scientist, Institute of Noetic Sciences; Roger Nelson, Global Consciousness Project Executive Producer & Writer: Stephen Dinan, Institute of Noetic Sciences-Executive Producer: Brad Burkhart, MediaCow.TV-Halon Entertainment LLC