Recognizing a Liminal Moment

What are liminal moments? They can be grand and hugely visible, like the mass protests in Egypt and Libya, where great tension and sufficient protest combined to produce unexpected effects. They can be small and ephemeral and, much like the threshold moment from dreaming to waking, they can be hard to recognize or remember.

Liminal moments can be sublime, or transcendental. If you’ve ever experienced the beauty and mystery of a synchronicity, and felt that momentary pause and a sense of glimpsing something bigger, then you’ve had a liminal moment. For some, it’s the moment they first met a friend or loved one and recognized a fellow soul that they have known before. For others, its the moment when they realize they’re about to collide, in real life, with events that they dreamed about three weeks ago.

Liminal moments can be mundane, or humerous. Fox TV has been airing a new show, “Touch,” starring Kiefer Sutherland, that features a young boy, (his son), who can predict events before they happen, and who uses numbers to convey messages. The show incorporates the latest research on how we affect each other energetically and how we may co-create our reality on a global level. Concepts that just a short while ago were considered New Age-y or fringe science have now been embraced by the mainstream media in a major way. This, too, is a liminal moment.

by Cheryl Shainmark
Cheryl Shainmark is a writer, editor, and certified hypnotherapist with a private practice in New York. A long time contributor of articles and book reviews, Cheryl is now a senior editor and a regular columnist at Merlian News. When she is not reading, reviewing, or dreaming about books she can be found playing with cats of all stripes at her quiet country retreat.