Change your Life with Fairytales by Peter Gruenewald, MD

Prevent Burnout Featuring Goethe’s Fairytale of the “Green Snake and the Beautiful Lily” Purpose: to develop calmness and tranquility under pressure Heath, Vitality and Youth Featuring Hinricus Madathanus “Parabola” or “Royal Wedding” Purpose: to enhance vitality, self-esteem and deepen love for life, oneself and others. Peak Performance and Success Featuring “The Temple Legend” Purpose: to improve confidence, strength of will and capacity to succeed. Give a listen to these marvelous CDs! By turns relaxing, rejuvenating, and entertaining, these hypnotic stories will take you to a place of great healing. The stories are captivating, and the music and audio features are a lovely accompaniment, guaranteed to facilitate a receptive state for accomplishing one’s goals. To learn more or to order the CDs, go to Or CDs and MP3s can be ordered in the US at:

by Peter Gruenewald, MD
Dr Peter Gruenewald is a London based General Practitioner and Integrated Physician. He is also the founder of the HeartSpheres approach that helps manage stress and develop resilience. He coaches individuals and conducts workshops that provide practical tools for stress management develop resilience and enhance performance.He works with professionals, psychologists, therapists, leaders, managers and employees in education, as well as in corporate business, in the UK, Austria and Germany. Dr Gruenewald has been teaching leadership development programmes at SAID business school, Oxford University; the European School for Management and Technology; and the Haufe Academy in Germany. He is also the author of The Quiet Heart. Putting Stress in its Place, published by Floris Books and the book: Gold and the Philosopher’s Stone, published at Temple Lodge. The Quiet Heart introduces stress management and resilience-promoting exercises that are effective, easy to learn and to practice.