Sacred World Series: The Moon by Jenny Smedley

***image1***Whether you see the moon as a big lump of rock that has quite by chance become a satellite of the Earth, or you see it as the Goddess Diana; whether you use it in rituals or don’t really think about it all, it’s an inescapable part of all our lives.

Could it have been by chance that this perfect ‘mirror’ for the sun, ended up exactly where it has, providing us with an ambient, gentle night light? Can it really be blind luck that provided us with the moon’s constant pull as it rotates the Earth, dragging our seas back and forth in tides, instead of our oceans becoming little more than giant stagnant pools? Or was the moon placed in its orbit by some higher power? In any case, imagine the world without the effects of the moon and you begin to sense its huge importance to us.

The moon takes 27.3 days to circle the earth, but because the earth and the moon are spinning together at different speeds around the sun, it means it actually takes the moon 29 days, 12 hours, 44 minutes, and 28 seconds, to complete one orbit of the earth and so this is also how long it is from new moon to new moon.

***image2***The sun orbits the earth once every 365 or so days. The apparent shape of the moon changes with the amount of sunlight it reflects, depending on its position, that of the Earth, and of course the Sun. Of course we only ever see one side of it.

Through the ages, as various religions and beliefs have used the moon in magic ceremonies and rituals, different meanings have come to be placed on it during the various months of the year.



This is the time for reflection of the year gone past, and plans for the year ahead. It’s a time to sit with your family, perhaps around a fireside during the long Winter nights and explore your future.



Allow a storm to cleanse your mind. De-clutter your thoughts and your home and make way for fresh ideas and ways to live.



This is a time to formulate new spells and plant the seeds of inspiration. Examine all possibilities and choose your path.



This is when the new beginnings start. Plant seeds of magic in your heart and in your garden. Expect new growth.



A time to go wild under the moonlight. Be daring and shake of old restrictions. Appreciate nature and the natural you.



Look around and see how everything is growing. Everywhere you look there is a celebration of life to see and enjoy.



If you can, this is a time to rejoice in the energy of the sea and tides, which the moon creates for you.



Now the fruits of your labours are maturing. This is a time to store up for the Winter, whilst basking in the Summer heat.



Take a walk in the corn fields, see the reds of the ripe apples on the trees. See your world as a bountiful place.



This is a time for hunting, as in days of old, but not for prey — you should be hunting out your fulfilment in life.



Stay warm indoors with friends. Br creative and take this opportunity to learn something new.



A time for family and friends. Take brisk walks to let the frosty air cleanse your body and prepare it for the New Year

***image3***Many things are believed about the moon. I was always puzzled by singers crooning about the ‘blue moon’, as I’d never seen one. However, ‘blue moon’ refers to a time when a full moon occurs twice in one month. People say that when this happens you should take the opportunity to do something you’ve never done before — maybe something out of character! That’s the good news, but some people believe that a ‘blue moon’ is a very bad omen and predicts floods and other calamities. For some reason this is apparently more likely if the blue moon falls in the month of May.

If there are rings or haloes around the moon it’s said to be a sign of impending storms, both weather-wise and emotional.

It’s said to be unlucky to look at the new moon for the first time when you view is partially obstructed — for instance by a building or tree. It’s also considered unlucky to look at the new moon through glass. You are supposed to go outside and bow to the moon three times to ensure good luck. You should also have a silver coin in your pocket and turn it as you look at the moon, asking for what you desire.

There are those who maintain that you should never point at the moon, out of respect for it. If you do so you will bring bad luck on yourself.

One particularly gruesome belief was brought about by the moon’s affect on liquid, as in the tides. People believed that if you slept in the light of the moon with an uncovered face, your features would be similarly pulled by it, and you would wake in the morning with a twisted and deformed face.

Eclipses of the moon were greeted with great fear for generations. It was believed that great tragedy and doom would befall those who saw God’s lantern extinguished and the sky become truly black.

***image4***There are many who believe that a woman’s cycle is related to the moon. In fact there is actually statistical evidence which confirms this. The meaning of the word menstruation is ‘every lunar month’.

Another belief common to many people is that the light of the moon can be used by witches — some good and some bad. There are many spells using the white power of the moon, and crystals are said to rejuvenate under its benign influence. However it was also thought to be used for bad magic. Witches were believed to be able to make the moon drip poison into a dish of water. The water would then foam and bubble and be ready for evil purposes.

In folklore it’s thought that by using the different phases of the moon wisely, it’s possible to make crops grow quicker. A waxing moon is said to send pulses of energy to the earth, and anything growing at that time will increase its strength and size. But conversely anything growing during a waning moon will be stunted and small. Even today there are gardeners who plant according to the moon, and who’s to say they are wrong?

Likewise picked herbs and flowers should be picked when the moon is declining, for they will have little more growing to do and will be at their best. It’s even thought that cutting tree branches for fires is easier during a fading moon, as the tree will be weaker and its wood softer.

It is certain that the fauna of the planet are affected by the moon. Many species organise their spawning schedules according to the moon’s calendar, especially marine animals such as crabs, oysters and sea-urchins. Larger animals also seem to prefer to heighten their mating activities during a waxing moon phase.

It was thought that if farm animals were slaughtered during a waxing moon that the meat harvested would be richer and fatter, but if the butchering wad one during the wane the meat would be of poor quality. The same thing applied to other farming harvests, such as wool. Farmers would even delay gelding an animal until the moon was on the upward cycle, for fear that its bad energy at the other time would kill the beast. Of course they also believed that stock born during a receding moon would never thrive.

Then of course there is the old word, ‘lunacy’. Insanity was firmly believed to be rooted within the cycles of the moon. The fuller the moon, the more likely peoples; minds were to be affected. And of course one would never venture out under a full moon alone, for fear of werewolves!

***image5***There are many ‘spells’ involving the moon — but here’s one I tired for myself, and it worked! This is a spell for facing difficulties, and what happens if you do it right is that people appear to help you. I really found myself with an army of friends who were suddenly there for me through thick and thin. It starts indoors by the fire. You will need a white flowering pot plant which you tend with loving care and place on a window ledge where it can receive the moon’s rays.

You have to drink a pint of mineral water to clear your system and then comes the tricky part — depending on where you live. You take off your clothes and go and stand in the moon’s white power. You will really feel the moon’s magical light pouring through your entire body, energising and uplifting you. Hopefully, you can do this without ‘attracting’ more friends than you bargained for among your close neighbours!

by Jenny Smedley
A successful TV presenter, Silver Disc songwriter and free lance writer. Jenny Smedley is also an expert on past lives and the way they affect current life problems - from careers to relationships and from health to happiness. She writes a regular past life advice column in the very popular magazine, Chat it's fate. She’s also written the soundtrack for the upcoming TV movie of her book, Ripples. (The movie version will be called Souls Don’t Lie).