Ancient Symbols of Light by Sólbjört and Ármann

***image1***Sometimes you just know that a whole new chapter is beginning in your life. For us such a turning was when one day as we were working, symbols started coming in. That night they appeared in our dreams so we followed where they were leading us and started working with them. Downloading, deciphering, organizing, feeling, thousands of symbols. Bit by bit we got a somewhat clearer picture on why to use them, how to use them and their functions started to come forth.

But there is always more, we were to make oil paintings. Neither of us having had any training in the art of painting we were a bit hesitant but when Spirit calls you must listen and go forth. We started making paintings for our closest friends. One thing lead to another and here we are!

The symbols do not come from one particular place, rather, from beings in various dimensions and planes that want to help, a broad spectrum of beings. Many of these symbols have been used by ancient cultures and civilizations on Earth that are now no longer here. Some of them are seen in the third dimension for the first time.

***image2***Each symbol can be found in at least 7 dimensions so they can be rather complex to work with. Thus we follow a very strict way in which to put them out into the world. We get very specific directions on how to put a painting together, nothing is there by accident. Some of the paintings are done in many layers all depending on how they are to work and interact with people.

Although each painting has a specific title and a function they are all directed towards the spiritual expansion and growth of humans. Also they connect the person working with the painting to their soul. Once a person acquires a painting it bonds with that individual and works specifically with him or her. However some paintings function for families or groups. Also there is the option of having a personalized painting made, for either one person or more.

***image3***A lot of information could be provided with each painting. However it is best that you choose which painting you are drawn to and feel why you are drawn to it, what the painting does for you or maybe, what it brings forth in you. Indeed we believe that each person already carries everything inside, we just need to remember and bring forth all the parts of ourselves, our soul.

When working with a painting you soon start to feel and see that it truly is alive. The more you work with it the more you can experience the magic and dimensions of the paintings. People that have worked with a painting for some time report that it even changes as the person changes and grows.

***image4***This is truly a work in progress, there are many paintings waiting to be made; in fact many series. It is a beautiful process that we are grateful to be allowed to participate in. In the making are other projects where the focal points are the symbols. It is a truly amazing journey we are taking. We know there is urgency for them to be out there. We are at a place, as a human race, where we need all the help we can get. We know in our hearts that as a race we can make it through and create our Paradise on Earth.


***image5***Sólbjört and Ármann are Icelanders living and working in Reykjavik, Iceland.

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by Sólbjört and Ármann
Sólbjört Guðmundsdóttir and Ármann Eydal Albertsson are Icelanders living and working in Iceland. They run their Company, Aeon, in the heart of Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. As well as working on projects related to the symbols they run a Holistic Center called "World of Light" with friends. Armann has a background in business and Sólbjört in classical singing and various disciplines of the healing arts.