Sale of American Raw Meat to be Banned in 2015

First your milk, and now your meat… Dr. Mercola has written an article about the latest efforts to tamper with our food., and that is the pending FDA legislation to cook, or irradiate all meat products by 2015. Instead of correcting the abysmal conditions under which most animals are kept and slaughtered, the same conditions that lead to sickness and disease, an industry consensus is building toward irradiating all meat before it is packaged for sale to the consumer.

What started as a ban on raw milk to protect consumer health quickly escalated when the federal health authorities realized just how deadly and tainted American meat is The food and food-contaminant combination that causes the most harm to human health is campylobacter in poultry, which sickens more than 600,000 people and costs the US an estimated $1.3 billion a year The FDA and USDA will be joining forces to assure “undisputable safety” of all meats sold to Americans by banning raw meat sales As an extra measure, all animals will be tagged with transmitters to ensure no direct farm-to-consumer sales will occur Tagging of livestock for traceability purposes is already part of the USDA’s Animal Disease Traceability Framework program, which regulates interstate sales of livestock

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by Staff