Reincarnation & Karma by Jocelyn Graef

Author, Jocelyn GraefWelcome. We are Li Chen. We wish to discuss and explain to you now this marvelous system of reincarnation which provides a format for you to achieve and grow and learn in a manner which allows your own pace, your own unique experiences and choices, and your freedom on all levels to arrive home in your own time.

This is a most loving system that God has given you, for it guarantees your success. Arrive home you will. How and when you get there is largely your own choice, for of course free will is big part of this process. God is not worried that you will fail, for you cannot fail.

As creatures are instinctively migrating, you too are moving toward home to the final great joining with your source, God. The journey is filled with endless experiences and interactions, all providing opportunity for growth, greater understanding.

Sometimes lessons are learned quickly, other times lessons must be repeated and repeated until lesson is understood. This can only be achieved through the system of reincarnation, for there are a vast amount of experiences necessary for the completion of the multitude of lessons of the physical. Cannot possibly be done in one small brief life.

As you go through life, you are interacting with others. Through these interactions you are learning your lessons or creating misunderstandings through your perspectives and beliefs.

While reincarnation is giving you unlimited opportunities to learn your lessons, karma is intertwined in this system to balance out misunderstandings so that your perspective can grow and expand and lift up.

Karma is explained in Christianity as; “As you sow, so shall you reap.” This has created much misunderstanding here among many who believe that karma is then a system of punishment. That if you are giving violent act, you will experience violence against you. This is not necessarily so. Karma is not a system of punishment, but a loving opportunity to balance out that which has fallen out of harmony on soul level. If you are able to come to a true understanding of the grief and pain experienced by a past violent action — however this comes — then the healing has occurred.

Because the physical format is given so that lessons can be learned through direct experience, your lessons will come through interaction with others and direct application of these lessons to your life. Let us give example to clarify this point.

Let us take this case of man and wife. Love each other, but man is over-protective, wife says. Man is unhappy because wife is not enjoying sexual expression. Beyond these two issues, both of which are causing unhappiness, relationship is fine. Why is this happening? What is the reason for these responses in these people? There is trust and love here, why these reactions? Bigger story is this:

In past life they have each been in bodies with same gender as they are now. In past life, man has raped this woman, causing fear and trauma that was not resolved for her then. Therefore, she carries it with her still on soul level, awaiting resolution. Though she has not had difficulty responding sexually in other relationships, it is logical that she cannot give herself to this man who has once raped her. Her resolution will come with the understanding of this issue and the final healing of fear and forgiveness of her husband that is her lesson to learn.

He is feeling protective of her because, on soul level, he has taken on the responsibility of repaying this debt to her in the manner of sheltering her from harm and caring for her in this lifetime.

These people were not thrown together in this life. There had been agreement reached between them on soul plane to join together to resolve the issues they had each created as result of past interaction. Present life is loving demonstration of balancing this karma. Had either one of them not desired to resolve karma they would not have met or become involved, for the choice was made freely on both sides. By understanding their own behavior, the deeper motivations for their responses to each other, they can then release the reactive response and grow to a more balanced interaction resulting in a greater joy for each.

Other example now, one which we have worked on with many, many of you that we have spoken with.

Individual here is healer. There is great desire to serve through acknowledged gifts of healing, yet holding a great fear of expressing these gifts to the world. Makes no sense. Why should there be fear of serving, healing? Because there was past life as healer when the individual was killed for this healing work.

There was a time in your European history when the Catholic church was greatest political power. The church was using religious dogma to control and manipulate population for greater political and financial gain. Throughout the vast domain of the church there were many cultures — villages and tribes of people who had ancient history and practices that were, to a large degree, still intact. And aspect of many of the cultures was often the dependence on village healer who was much more than dispenser of herbs. The healing skills would often incorporate other aspects of healing — spiritual gifts of psychic ability, or “second sight” as it was often called; abilities to divine the true cause of an illness often rooted in the spiritual realms. Much of these practices indicated that there was no need for dependence on church, for there was this wise being nearby who tended to all ills in their totality.

In order to gain and maintain dominance in this situation, church declared these gently beings “heretics” and systematically began campaign of torture and slaughter throughout Europe. Most effective. It not only shattered the interdependent fabric of life in these villages, it created through fear a blind obedience to the dictates of church. It eradicated much of the unique nature of the personality of a village and created a general format for the easier ruling of the domain as a whole.

As a result, millions of healers were killed because of their work. On soul level, there remains fear or anger or hatred of church, or desire to be understood and accepted, or a fear of being discovered as healer — or all of these emotions. There is often an inexplicable feeling among many of you that you must not be “found out.”

For those of you who are doing your healing work, many of you have great fears of succeeding and becoming known. On deepest level you are remembering that you were killed for your work and you are feeling that you must hide. Last time you did this work they found you and result was horrible. You see?

Important that you are expressing these gifts now. They call to you, world is needing your service. You need not fight the fear, merely acknowledge it and continue on your path. If you can. Some of you possess fear to the degree that it is effectively controlling you, and this is a tragedy. The karma will be balanced here when you can push through fear and manifest once more your gift of healing. It is in the act of pushing through fear, declaring with great courage your gift and your identity, that the fear will dissipate.

It is in the declaration of your commitment to your work that you will prove to yourself that your service will not cause your death or destruction. By reconnecting once again with your most important work, you can complete that which was once disrupted and in so doing achieve greater service, healing for self as well as other, and regain great joy while bringing to a higher level your skills and gifts.

For those of you who are actively involved in holistic healing, there are parallels that can be drawn between power of church in old days and power of western medicine philosophy in present time. Both dogmatic, both in control, both holding sway over minds and lives through two most powerful areas of vulnerability — body and mind. Both controlling through fear. Both having great political power.

Church was saying, “Your soul will burn unless you do this and this,” etc. Medicine is saying, “In order to get better, you must do this and this procedure or you may not get well, perhaps die,” without taking into account the realms of emotion and spirit that are directly interacting with the physical and therefore beyond the control or understanding of an approach that works only with the tangible, the physical.

Through much propaganda, people are convinced into believing that western medicine is the only way and so they follow doctors advice, giving away their power and responsibility of their own healing opportunity.

In recent times many, many are no longer believing that doctors are best or only way. Many, as result of this awakening that is occurring on all levels, affecting all areas of life and thought, are desiring to be active partner in their healing, no longer desiring to be treated by one-dimensional outside source. Marvelous shifting is occurring here as result.

There are now those within the medical community who are highly trained, ethical doctors who, as result of moving forward with this awakening time are increasingly aware that there are many mysteries that cannot be understood solely through physical approach. The mystery and the power of the being is recognized more openly — largely due to the successes of healers who have been working outside the structured confines of western approach., Artist: cteconsultingSome who are medical doctors now have been in past times executors of church law. They have chosen, once again, power structure within which they are functioning, this time to have opportunity to include and learn from those they have in past persecuted. Some, too, have been in past life persecuted themselves and are wishing to use this format of western medicine to be accepted in order that their work can continue uninterrupted.

We are not wishing to give message here that western medicine is not interesting in healing or church is most dire institution. We honor those within these approaches who are sincere and true and in full integrity. However, as result of those individuals who have used positions of power without integrity, trends have occurred as result of abuses of power that create a group karma as well as individual karma.

Group karma is an aspect that is more complex than individual karma, but is also explaining why many of you are reincarnating together again and again.

Many of you now in body have also been appearing during past times of pivotal occurrences in your earth history. For example, this time of Atlantis that seems to be of such fascination. Fascinating because many of you have been there and participated during the time of self destruction of this continent and culture.

Above and beyond the individual learning is this desire to serve this time now where, again, there are many parallels that can be seen. Atlantean culture was very advanced, had much technological knowledge. The technological capabilities far outweighed the wisdom required to wield this power. Result was great explosions and earth shiftings and ultimate sinking of continent. Same technological ability now exists to destroy self and others once again.

Those of you who were in Atlantis are working toward karmic balance by being voices, watchdogs, monitors. Many of you are feeling called to alert people to the inherent dangers of much of modern technology. In past life there was a degree of complacency which allowed the destruction to occur. This is why this urgency, this sense of great alarm within many of you. You cannot understand why whole world is not alarmed at what is so obviously dangerous to your eyes. It is part of your mission, your vow, to see that same consequence is not experienced again on this planet.

Other groups here now are those that have participated in various aspects of western history, most especially the Arthurian time, the time of the Inquisition, the times when there were great struggles against the church — reformation, schism, etc — and the time when this country of America was in process of forming. These were each times of struggling to grow to seek greater opportunity for mankind.

We are focusing here on western history because that is where your focus is. This does not preclude or overshadow the process of other great and more ancient cultures, simply we are stating that the arena of greatest changes now that will have global ramifications in very pragmatic sense, is the western world which has the greatest power and technology, hence potential for greatest damage.

Each of your thoughts and actions are felt on earth. Each expression that you individually are offering through your actions and emotions are added layer upon layer to the vibratory system of earth as whole and your own individual being as well. All is interconnected.

As many of you have found yourself in past during times of change and striving, you have made soul commitment to complete this and so you come again and again during these times in history to continue your exploration and service in this area. This is your group karma, your group work. Individually, your paths are diverse and unique.

Obviously, as many of you are coming again and again, following a particular theme of learning, you find yourself in same general group of individuals repeatedly. There is much overlap here, as some of you are knowing each other in time of Arthur, and some of you who were with Arthur were also in Atlantis and in Europe during Inquisition. The friends you have, the family you have chosen, all have been with you before during various times.

So. Two aspects then, to reincarnation and karma. Group and individual. The issues you are creating with others will be resolved with those same others at some point in your growth when you are choosing, when you are ready. Your group process is an aspect of your individual growth and vice versa. All is interconnected, nothing is left out. A perfect and most complete system of evolution.

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by Jocelyn Graef
A lifelong psychic, Jocelyn began her training in spiritual and psychic development as a young woman. During that early period, she also had the honor of studying Reiki with Hawayo Takata, the source of Reiki outside Japan and the final Grand Master of her lineage. She ultimately became a Reiki Master in order to teach the pure Reiki that Takata taught her.After many years of life experience and spiritual development, Jocelyn became a trance medium, channeling an ancient entity known as “Li Chen.” A Tibetan monk in his last life more than 700 years ago, Li Chen is an ascended master working through Jocelyn to serve this time by bringing a greater clarity to our lives. From this deeper understanding of who we truly are we may walk unerringly forward on our path, understanding our gifts and how best to implement them for greater service. Currently offering sessions with Li Chen over the phone, Jocelyn lives in Oakland, CA with her husband and two dogs. She can be contacted through email at