September Questions And Answers With Ravi & Ana

Sequencing on Yoga Quick Fixes: I’m so excited. I just got my Yoga Quick Fixes. I got it because since the birth of my first child I’ve had some short but unsettling bouts of depression. Is the Delete Depression segment on Yoga Quick Fixes a complete practice or do I need to do the warm-ups first? I love the sound of “Release & Flow Warm Ups.” Do I do them before every pre-sets or Quick Fix Remedy?” Would I need to do the Tune In, the Warm Ups, a Pre-Set Workout, then the Delete Depression segment and then Relaxation and Meditation? Thanks for writing. Yoga Quick Fixes and Yoga House Call offer many options for sequencing your workouts, depending on your needs and the time you have available. Each of the Yoga Remedy segments is designed to be done on its own without having to do warm-ups first. The Delete Depression segment definitely meets the criteria for a Kriya, an exercise or sequence which works on all levels and creates a synergistic effect. // //]]> If you don’t have a specific focus in mind, we suggest doing the tune-in, a yoga pre-set, the deep relaxation, and a meditation (some of the pre-sets already have the deep relaxation and a mediation included). The warm-ups can be done as a complete short Kundalini Yoga set on their own or are perfect to do before practicing a remedy option and/or mediation. Kundalini Yoga vs. Ashtanga Yoga Question Hi there!! I was reading on your website and have a question for you. I currently practice ashtanga yoga intermediate series 1 and kundalini sounds very similar is it? I love ashtanga it makes me feel wonderful!! Thanks Julie Thanks for writing. Kundalini Yoga and Ashtanga Yoga, we feel, are very complimentary. They both make use of Hatha Yoga poses but are decidedly more dynamic. Ashtanga uses body weight for strengthening and balance and consists of a few routines with variations. Kundalini Yoga also works on strength and balance, as well as endurance, the nervous and glandular systems, releasing the spine and connective tissue, and opening up energy flows in the body. If you would like to combine these systems we suggest that you begin with your Ashtanga workout and then end with a Kundalini Yoga set and/or meditation. Hi Ravi and Ana, I love your yoga DVD’s!I recently injured my lower back and am unable to practice yoga because I am not sure which postures are safe.Can you recommend yoga postures that would be safe for people with low back pain. I haven’t been able to locate yoga DVD’s specifically designed for those with low back pain. If you could recommend any I would greatly appreciate it. Thanks for writing. There are many variables regarding contraindications for lower back pain. We don’t know the specifics of your condition, but generally we feel that the Bye Bye Back Pain section on Yoga House Call is a very safe and effective routine. There are many other segments on that DVD as well as Yoga Quick Fixes (So Long Sciatica, Immune Invigorator, Headache Soother, Heart Helper…) which we feel would be safe and effective for you. Navel Power would also be helpful because the abdominal muscles need to be kept strong to support the lower back. In addition, lower back problems have been linked to fear issues and a strong Navel Center can turn fear into fearlessness. We wish you a speedy recovery and continued success with your yoga practice! Targeted Weight Loss & Preparing for Pregnancy hi, just wanted to let you know I thoroughly enjoy your DVD’s and enjoy your monthly newsletter. Thank you for your work! I have two questions I hope you can answer. 1. It seems easy for me to lose weight in my legs; but my tummy and upper arms are stubborn, do you have recommendations? Also, I seem to be starting to have a double-chin and some tin layers of fat on my neck, what can be done about that? 2. We plan to have a baby in a few months time; do you have recommendations on preparing for a pregnancy in terms of yoga exercise, meditation or diet? I would greatly appreciate that! Thank you! Thanks for writing. We are happy to hear you are benefiting from the DVD’s. For the upper arms we recommend the second set of Beginners & Beyond. Build up of fat in different areas of the body often relates to the liver, which when overtaxed or toxic relies on other areas of the body to store fat. The Yoga Cleanse DVD has a great set for liver cleansing. It also works on the thyroid for metabolic balance. Set two has a great upper arm workout which also works on the liver. As a prelude to pregnancy it is important to detox the liver so your blood will be pure when it carries nutrition to your baby. We also recommend doing a good amount of abdominal exercise now because you will be limited in this dept. from the 4th month on. This will also help regarding ease of delivery. We recommend Navel Power. Half hour brisk walks before your yoga would be beneficial for you as well. In addition, the Sa Ta Na Ma meditation on Yoga House Call and Yoga Quick Fixes would be great to do, leading up to, and through pregnancy. Sa-Ta-Na-Ma, the sounds of Creativity and Creation, is sort of like a cosmic lullaby. We recommend moving towards a 100 percent organic diet which includes adequate greens, protein, and some uncooked vegetarian foods. We wish you health, joy, and blessings! Cancer Recovery

My husband had a kidney removed due to renal cell carcinoma.He is well now and they say they got all the cancer out.He still needs to be checked every 3 three months for two years. I do your videos regularly and am thankful for them. Could you pleaserecommend which specific ones I should be doing. I feel lots of fear and depression over almost losing my husband and the possibility that his cancer may come back. I do not have any family and friends that can offer help or support.That is probably why I feel more fear and depression over the fact of me possibly losing my husband. Any helpful guidance or words of wisdom would be greatly appreciated. Thank you Thanks for writing. It is best to try not to dwell on a negative and to rather be proactive at this time. There are many things you can do to keep yourself in a positive place. The Delete Depression sequence on our Yoga Quick Fixes DVD as well as the 3 meditations at the end of that DVD can be very helpful. The techniques on this DVD as well as Yoga House Call would also be very helpful for your husband. When you are doing the meditation at the end of the Delete Depression sequence as well as the other ones on that DVD, actually try to feel the worry and fear you have been experiencing. This will help you to resolve it more quickly. By keeping yourself in a good place, you will be in a better position to make a difference for your husband. In addition, according to yoga, when a person does a spiritual practice the people close to them receive blessings as well. We have seen this demonstrated in our own families time and again. There are also many lifestyle considerations you may want to consider for your husband. Adding live, organic food and cutting out sugar would be a great start. You can have a look at for some excellent lifestyle information and healing protocols. Many cancer survivors experience their previous conditions as a catalyst for better health then they ever would have had. We wish you joy and blessings! Facing Left I have a question I forgot to ask, during practice why do we always start to the left or rest with our heads facing left? When we turn our head to the left when relaxing on the stomach the left nostril is on top. Left nostril breathing engenders a calming energy and also stimulates the right brain hemisphere which is the meditative mode. We begin movement exercises by going to the left because that also relates to the right brain hemisphere which initiates a thought or activity. In addition, there is some consideration given to the placement of organs. Meditation of the Month: “Kiss of God” Meditation This technique utilizes the mantra: Guru Guru Wahay Guru Guru Ram Das Guru (the Wisdom which comes as a servant of the Infinite) which is on the Ultimate Stretch Workout DVD. Sit in a comfortable meditative posture. Recite the mantra in a monotone at the rhythm of a heartbeat. Go into a deep trance. Place each of the sounds as follows: Guru at the throat, Guru at the sternum, Wahay at the navel, Guru at the lips, Guru at the throat, Ram at the sternum, Das at the navel, Guru at the lips. Do this as long as you’d like. The eyes are 1/10 open looking down towards the tips of the nose.

When placing the sound at the sternum pull up on your diaphragm. When placing the sound at the navel, pull the navel in towards the spine. Exaggerate the puckering of the lips on ru of Guru so that the sound produced is Guroo. This is called the Kiss of God (“r is slightly rolled). This meditation takes you into a deep meditative state. It produces inner heat. It opens the heart by neutralizing inner anger. It stimulates Kundalini energy, increases intuition, and disintegrates blocks which interfere with the fulfillment of life. It is said to give direct experience of the source of all Wisdom. If your safety, honor, or even your life is being threatened, chant this mantra mentally or out loud. We realize that these types of techniques, and much of Kundalini Yoga, may be outside your usual frames of reference. It has been our experience that these techniques have stood the test of time because they work. We encourage you to have an open mind and heart and be a scientist of spirit directing the subtle technology of the Saints and Sages of the ages to the particulars of your life. Through the use of mantras we are creating a vibratory effect which create a cascade of positive outcomes in your life and environments. We wish you all an amazing, productive, happy September! All Best to You, Ravi Singh & Ana Brett / 212.982.5518 / Disclaimer: The advice we give is in no way intended as a substitute for medical counseling. Please consult your physician before beginning any exercise program or nutritional protocol.

by Ravi Singh & Ana Brett
Ravi and Ana been featured presenters at the Midwest Yoga Conference, The Toronto Yoga Show, and the Six Days on Freedom Retreat. Their clients have included Olympic Athletes and celebrities such as Gwyneth Paltrow, Madonna, Lou Reed, Carrie-Anne Moss, Donna Karan, and The Red Hot Chile Peppers. They’ve taught in many diverse contexts: from Iceland to Maui, Canada to Costa Rica, from boardrooms and Park Avenue Penthouses, to scientists at Bell Labs, from Opera Singers at the Aspen Music Festival and street kids in Los Angeles to backstage at Broadway plays. They are Authors of the Fat Free Yoga DVD series and the forthcoming book Fat Free Yoga.