Spiritual Self-Mastery by Stephen Thomson

Spiritual Self-Mastery by Stephen ThomsonThere are many ways to approach the spiritual path. One way involves creating and integrating processes in support of unfolding consciousness. An important step of the spiritual journey is rooted in the ability to process what is being learned and to then integrate that energy into everyday life. This is the only doorway that stands between this world and the truth that lies behind the veils. Without a physical process, the journey becomes intellectual and abstract, and short on first-hand knowing. These methods include time-honored traditions like meditation, prayer, initiation, retreats and ceremony. The intent of these modalities, as well as so many other paths that create a process, represent a focused and concentrated effort toward becoming.

The content of this book represents part of my own spiritual process – reprints of some of the columns I have written over the last two years. Each of the essays is the integration of spiritual information I received as a part of my spiritual process through study, meditation and writing. There always seems to be a pattern to my writing that reflects my need to understand the world, the place I hold and my relationship with the Divine. In that way, these essays represent what I have been learning and thinking about as I moved through the world over these last two years. They are the things that I have been processing, and then asking myself the hard questions, as I journey deeper into who I am and the nature of my being. Over the years I learned one the best ways for me to do this kind of processing has been through writing, most often in the form of my journal. This book is an extension of that process and a way for me to share my spiritual self-talk in a meaningful and supportive way.

The book is set up in a way that gives you an opportunity to read the essays in a cohesive and organized manner. Included at the end of most of the essays are a few questions to help support you in your own process.

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Stephen Thomson Psychic/Teacher

by Stephen Thomson
Stephen Thomson is a well-known psychic, writer and teacher, who leads workshops in the U.S. on expansion of the psychic senses and spiritual techniques for achieving self-mastery. These include sacred site tours, meditation, the Tarot, the Kabbala, and explorations of eastern mystical practices. Steve specializes in uncovering the source of mastery within, inner well-being and self-actualization that so many strive for but few attain. After his many workshops and private readings for clients, he has been strongly encouraged over the years to write down his special insights about how to go within and access answers to life questions -- removing that which blocks spiritual development, and providing tools for finding the key to one's personal spiritual journey and self-transformation.