The Evolving Complexity of Being by Stephen Thomson

“You want to climb to the roof; then you must eliminate and leave behind all the steps, one by one.” Sri Ramakrishna

The primal, Universal law of duality causes the changes in our lives. The ‘oneness’ of Divine Energy differentiates in the physical world into equal and opposite forces. Darkness and light; masculine and feminine; active and passive; positive and negative; joy and sorrow…these are all examples of this natural duality. The constant second-by- second interactions of opposing energy combine to create a new us; the recombination is the creative force behind every action in our lives. We are dependent on the ever-combining, ever-separating energy of the earth plane for transformation in our lives and propulsion forward on the road to higher-consciousness. With every breath we strive for the next step on a path clearly marked by the manifestation of this dual nature of the universe.

We begin to expand our consciousness of this form of universal energy by intentionally observing energy patterns in action. As we encounter them we witness their impact on our lives. What we come to recognize and understand is that opposing energy is the cause of a whole range of emotional responses. There is fight or flight; confusion and consternation. There is also peace, contentment and joy that come from the union of energies. Becoming aware is of major importance. The universe begins to demystify through the scientific observation of our own lives. Life’s patterns and cycles clearly emerge, arming us with the knowledge and understanding of how we respond and behave when faced with opposing energies and forces.

As we evolve in our life approach and include active, spiritual thinking, the polarities come into focus in our consciousness. This happens though our willingness to be personally objective, taking a step back in our minds to observe our actions and their subsequent equal and opposite effects in our lives. Our goal is to develop our consciousness as an impartial observer. The ideal reaction to the constant joining and separating of the cosmic energies is to be unemotional and detached. In this way and by maintaining a sense of difference or distance, we begin to assimilate these forces and live a life in harmony with the creative cosmic energy that sustains our very lives.

When we look at the actual energetic events that produce our emotions we realize that life is not a series of random unrelated events. Our personal actions combined with the universal energy make up the content of our everyday lives. The energy that we set in motion through our thoughts, words, and actions creates a field of corresponding energy. Like a magician we are constantly creating different energy forms with our ‘magic wands’. Our conjuring results in a stirring of life energy that then creates a manifestation of the ‘opposites’. We, co-creating with the Universal mind, can see the basis and content of our combined creative energy every time an opposite appears.

As we continue our spiritual journey from one life to the next we purify our body energy, honing our personal force to be more in balance with the creative force and energy of the Universe. Our consciousness expands and our thinking reflects our innermost spirit-filled desire for a life lived in perfect alignment with the journey of our higher-self. How we act and then react to the universal energy determines the next step in our progress, bringing a greater or lesser degree of peace and harmony into our lives. It also serves to deepen our understanding of the creative nature of our universe.

Our “right” course of action is not always clear. When the duality of life is obvious we can turn to our spiritual practices, attune with the energy, and seek answers for achieving balance and harmony as we face the ‘mysteries of the contraries’. Or we can try to tough it out, using the resources available in the material world and through the physical body. However, the more we attune with the Universe, opening our hearts and becoming more childlike and receptive, the better we are served in eliminating the desire to dwell within the ‘circle of self’, seeing ourselves as the sole source of our life. One of the greatest gifts we can receive comes through actualizing the duality of the Universe in our consciousness…feeling a part of all that is rather than viewing life from our innate self-centeredness, feeling singular, separate and apart. Our journey toward higher consciousness is dependent on our continual reconciliation of the opposites. Otherwise we remain static; stuck in the world between action and non-action.

In the next few days and weeks make a conscious commitment to observe the opposites as they occur in your life. Examine your own role and the tumbling, climbing emotional reactions you have to the seemingly disjointed flow of universal energy. Pay particular attention to your responses in terms of how attached you are to your outcome of any situation. Start a journal to log those things that create disharmony in your life. Begin to think of what you want to start doing, continue doing, or stop doing that is contrary to your spiritual philosophy and path. Beginning to take these simple steps will set you on the path to becoming the spiritual person you aspire to be…and the co-creator of your Universe. Becoming a Self-Master in Your Own Life By Stephen Thomson

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