The Magic of the Winter Solstice By Stephen Thomson

“Twas not the wine of the grape: the illuminated soul drinks only the wine of light.” Rumi

Stephen Thomson, The winter solstice will occur on December 21, 2009 at 7:47 GMT. This time each year marks a shift in seasons, and reflects the continual movement of the earth on its axis. As the solstice occurs in the Northern Hemisphere, we begin our descent into a period of relative inactivity, marked by days becoming longer, but with less affect from the warming rays of the sun. And as a reflection of the dual nature of the universe in which we live, those who live in the Southern Hemisphere are experiencing the opposite effect, including hotter weather and more activity. Regardless of where we live, the solstice, and the last days of calendar year, lead to the beginning of a new year. These days mark a major shift in our planet’s energy. A cycle is completing and we are now days away from the influx of new universal energy that enters our world at the beginning of each new year.

Traditionally, the days and weeks around the winter solstice have been a time of ceremony, ritual and celebration for indigenous, spiritual and religious people across the planet. For example, the December solstice is in our consciousness in part because of the Jewish, Muslim and Christian observances. Although, this time also holds spiritual significance in many other ways. As a event on the Wiccan calendar, the solstice is a time when ancient believers honored the rebirth of the Sun God and celebrated the coming days of more light. There are also those sects who believe this to be a time for celebrating the birth of the true light of the world, which they believe was synchronized with the December solstice.

The symbols, rituals and celebrations around the time of the solstice honor the sacredness and the life sustaining nature of the light for our universe. The Master Jesus, for example, was often referred to as the “light of God.” The Jewish tradition of Hanukah, near the solstice, is also called the “Festival of Lights.” The light, as it exists in our consciousness, is expressed at this time in terms of the life giving nature, and as a metaphor for spiritual knowledge. For instance, many of us think in terms of the sunrise and the light of the east as holding the greatest light of knowledge. Furthermore, since the sun is at the center of our solar system and the source of the life giving light for our planet, celebrations of the solstice also include ceremonies that are intended to honor these characteristics of the sun.

There is also a widely held belief, as a part of many spiritual traditions, that, the veil between the worlds is most penetrable at the time of the solstice. The suggestion is that we are able see from our place in the visible, deeper and further into the invisible world, as compared to other times in the year. Or, to put this in other words, we can see into the world that exists beyond our physical senses. At the time of the solstice, according to the traditions of our path and through our practices, we can connect with the most powerful and potent energy through which we live in concert with – the divine mind. Furthermore, we have an opportunity to attune on the deepest levels with the Masters who direct our spiritual journey.

The lifting of the veils happens every time we achieve a certain degree of harmony between our lives and the Divine mind. The veil does become thin and parts for each of us many times over the course of our lifetime. And in this moment, we receive a direct influx of information from the Cosmic Masters. Or answers to long held questions are received. For some of us, the experience occurs within a few days of the solstice. And for others, it can happen at any time during the year. In this moment, there may be a perceptible change within us. Or as happens in most cases, the event goes by without any change in our lives. On some level, we know we have changed on a soul level and our lives are different from that day forward.

As we are nearing the end of yet another year, we need to take some time to journey into what we hold in our hearts and minds that we are unwilling to let go of or change. The solstice marks the end of a calendar year, so it is a times to think about what we want to bring to an end. Would we be happier giving up the telling and retelling of our “story?” Are there people who we need to let go from our lives, so we can continue to grow and become the spiritual person we aspire to be? Based upon the incredible changes going on in the world at this time, how do we change to meet the new demands of living in a world with less? Where do we need the light of knowledge to shine in our lives and uncover our truth?

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