The Urge to Purge, is it also an Urge to Merge? By Christan Hummel

Author, Christan HummelCleanliness is next to Godliness. We’ve all heard it, especially as our mothers were trying to get us to clean up our rooms. But surely the Bible did not mean to suggest that a clean kitchen counter or bedroom makes one more holy? …or did it?

Could the Bible have been referring to an inner cleaning? Is there a spiritual dimension to clearing the excess baggage in our space, whether it be the inner space of our consciousness, our thoughts, emotions, and old habits, or the outer space of our environments?

In fact, the two are intimately connected. The thoughts we think do not disappear after we have finished thinking them. According to the occult literature of C.W. Leadbeater, Annie Besant, Madame Blavatsky, Alice Bailey and others of the Theosophical lineage, every thought we think creates a form on the mental plane. If nothing is done to them, these forms stay in our auras, conditioning our reactions to events, and creating a filter through which we see and interpret the “reality.” I say “reality” because quantum physics has acknowledged that there is not One Empirical Reality that we are all perceiving universally, but instead that the “reality” is continually morphing to the perceptions of the observer. WOW!

So if we are carrying around old thoughts of “mommie didn’t love me”, or “daddy can’t be trusted,” or “life is a struggle” or whatever emo-mental baggage is still stuffed away in the inner closets of our consciousness, then the “reality” we perceive is filtered through this lens, and we experience a self-fulfilling prophecy: abandonment, lack of support, not feeling loved or valued for our worth….on and on the story of our internal creation goes as it projects out upon the movie screen of our lives.

So, cleanliness is next to Godliness. Can it be that we ARE Gods in human form, and that to know that as our “reality” we must first clean the lens of our internal cameras which are picturing the individual realities we experience? Would we then see the “Godliness” of others and the world around us as well?

It is said that when an aspiration begins to reach the worldly existence of mundane life consisting of food, survival, procreation and fulfilling our desire nature, that it initiates a response from our own Soul, the first connection each of us has to the Godhead. Once we receive that response, a downpour of spiritual light descends into our personality vehicles, and outer lives as the Soul goes to work purifying the lower vessels to make them ready to receive the higher vibrations and downpour.

Is it possible that this process works in reverse as well? That as we clear our own internal and external temple spaces, that we ready them for the influx of the divine light allowing it to flow within us more readily?

If it IS true that this happens in our own lives, then would it not also apply to our home environments as well? According to Denise Linn, author of Creating Sacred Space:

“Not only can your home help to strengthen and heal you, but your home can be a template of harmony within which you and all who enter can be invited to step up to a higher level of spiritual frequency”

As we clear the physical clutter of our homes, do we open the space for more light and life energy to flow into our lives and dwellings?

Feng shui experts would say yes, as would many a professional organizer, but what about the occultist? Is there a basis for making these kind of connections? Again, going back to the concept of thoughtforms, according to clairvoyants, dowsers and psychics who are attuned to such things, thoughtforms are said to also linger in our environments, and not just for a few days, months or years, but INDEFINITELY until they are destroyed or transmuted by a higher frequency!! WOW, again! So does that mean that if my apartment complex is on the site of an ancient Indian burial ground, or massacre, that my environment is swimming in the astral soup of that ancient experience? In a word: yep!

Hence the need for clearing ceremonies which are found round the world from the Catholic Church to the Maori in New Zealand–every culture has one and regardless of their various different forms, and they are all addressing the same problem: the ancient thoughts and vibrations left over from the past which are still imprinted in our current space.

So, what kind of “cleaners” do we use for such situations? Spiritual Ajax? Etheric scrubbing bubbles? The methods and techniques are varied and diverse, but all have intention as a common theme. So whether you use lemongrass oil, or chant a mantra, or do a sacred dance, if the intention is to use the higher vibrations to transmute and transform the energies from the past, then the objective is met–with one very important ingredient needed first: we must first BE that higher vibration we choose to imprint into our space. The transformational power doesn’t lie in the stick of incense or the rattle or drum or the labyrinth. These are the tools and vehicles through which we channel OUR higher vibrations and intentions into our space. So we must first be in touch with our own Soul essence, the spark of Divinity which exists in each and every living thing, and from THAT point we project a part of that divine essence into our space. This is the transforming element.

Space Clearing Kit: Working with Nature to Enhance the Energies of Your Home by Christan HummelAnd if it is true that this process which works for our own auras, works for our homes, then would it not also follow that it is possible to clear the planetary miasmas and collective pain of humanity which is still lodged in the gridlines and sacred points of the earth? As above, so below, is the basic Hermetic law that affirms the holographic nature of the universe that what works at the level of the microcosm also works in for the macrocosm. In fact, for the last 13 years, I’ve been privileged to be part of a grassroots network around the world, which has been applying these principles to strategic areas of the Earth to clear them of their past imprints of violence, abuse, and destruction. The result as been an influx of light and life into these sacred points and this network of light that surrounds the planet. In the communities where this work has been done, the “cleaning” that ensues has taken the form of lower pollution, crime, earthquakes, and even balancing of distortions in the weather!! Is it possible that global warming has as much to do with our carbon footprints as with our etheric one? Could it be that the “earth changes” predicted can be mitigated as we clear our earth of the karmic imprints of the past?

My experience with this suggests that we DO have a co-creative role in what transpires on this planet as She, a living, conscious Being, readies Herself for the descent of the higher vibrations entering into Her body. To do so, She too is clearing the debris, sometimes through the “earth changes” we are witnessing. However, if assisted through our co-creative efforts first, then a more gentle transition is also possible.

I would invite you to take the time this Spring to go within and see on what levels you are ready to be clear of the past–for cleanliness is next to Godliness!

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by Christan Hummel
Christan Hummel is an international author, workshop leader, and pioneer in earth energies exploration and space clearing. Christen has taught thousands how to work co-creatively with the consciousness of nature, the devic realms, to restore health and balance to their environments, and reduce pollution world-wide. Having worked with the Alice Bailey teachings for over 30 years, Christan brings a unique synthesis of ancient wisdom and modern technology to this work. Author of "DIY Space Clearing Kit", available at: