We’re Still Here…. Looking Beyond 2012

We’re Still Here… Looking Beyond 2012 Each step we individually take toward higher awareness is a step up for mass consciousness.

I’m completely confident as I write this article, that humanity will continue here on earth after December 21, 2012. Other than the usual natural life cycles of birth, death, and rebirth, what I know has been changing from the time I’ve been physically present since 1953, is that spiritually speaking, humanity is definitely inching forward in an evolutionary process of waking up to the greater reality of a compassionate unity within our differences, instead of separation in all its shadow forms.

The earth is not exploding even though many very misguided boys and girls are doing that to each other. How painful we can make it for ourselves and others to change. Despite this, we are instead, globally coming together!

We’ve been discovering that when any part of nature which humanity is a part of, becomes marginalized, pushed out of harmony and misused, everyone’s left hurting.

We are actually getting it that we don’t have to live in the box of someone else’s limitations — that there are, in fact, many different shapes of happy houses of life.

And we’ve learned that the earth is actually a living, breathing “being” from which life springs forth — another physical aspect of Divine presence in the universe. We now know that our Earth Mother can be hurt, as witnessed by global warming in chemical and war toxicity, genetically modified plants, overuse, stripping, and killing her resources without natural replenishment. Remember when even voicing these recognitions brought the strangest looks from most people, as if we were insane? Now we realize the insanity was the fact that we had forgotten at some point that we are the earth.

How many millions of people on the planet have witnessed and personally experienced extraterrestrial life or what we continue to label as UFO’s — unidentified flying objects. Not all are flying, however… Since recorded history, earth has been a visiting planet. And we’re finally feeling free to openly speak about our experiences! No really…the earth is not flat. We aren’t the only conscious beings in the multi-universes. It’s been difficult for our self-imposed limitations to accept this. Sweet blind lambs that we are…

It’s taken us, oh… several hundred years to remember that we actually create our reality through our attitudes, beliefs, thoughts and emotions — that what we manifest on earth first filters through the intangible spiritual realm of imagination, dreams, and visions.

Finally…Not only are there cars and perfumes named some variation of “intuition”, businesses now look for people who work “intuitively outside the box,” right?

Not only are we coming out of the closet sexually as diverse human beings, we’re coming out of hiding from a very powerful feminine aspect of our spiritual being — the freedom to openly practice using our intuition. This once socially repressed inner resource and essential guiding compass has been let out of the bag. Only a handful of places in the world want to burn us at the stake or exorcize a devil out of us. Thank you for decreasing.

Look where we have all come… We are coming back around full circle to remembering who we are. Remembering who we are includes taking responsibility (the ability to positively respond) for how we create our diverse lives.

Celebrate this growth… this wonderful expansiveness!

Coming together has not been neat and pretty. After all, the earth school playground of 3rd dimensional reality is one of duality.

The practice of bringing duality into spiritual balance within each of our paths of growth in all the infinite ways that we can do this has been our work and ultimately, our joy and freedom.

Let’s take reverence in remembering what we’ve been doing these last many years leading up to this cyclical marker point of the 2012 rise in higher conscious. Our journey has been profound, exhausting at times, overwhelming, and has tried every spiritual fiber of courage, strength and trust of our being.

A brief review of our work in balancing duality into spiritual harmony in general terms:

· Work with balancing energy in money and personal income — defining what our personal vision of abundance is

· Reaching clarity on our personal meaning of life — why we are here aside from what appears popular or trendy in the material realm

· Locating weaknesses and strengths in the feminine aspects of ourselves — nurturing, intuitive, creative, gentle, giving aspects that need refining and balancing

· Locating weaknesses and strengths in the masculine aspects of ourselves — assertive, intellectual/rational, strength, restrictive aspects that need refining and balancing

· Defining our personal gifts, talents and abilities — how do we want to use these in our life work (career) and play

· The right to be an individual – being true in the highest sense to our values and identity without succumbing to external pressure of categorically labeling and limiting people

Now we are able to reach inside ourselves and bring forth the greatest strength that comes from within: inner peace, confidence, and grace, learning to power ahead and walk our true spiritual path. No more getting caught up in any scheme, religion, politics, or rules that separate people and create the illusion where one is superior over another. Most of us are done with that.

So, get up and shed those old garments of the past! Ceremoniously burn them on the fires of transformation. Watch the veil of smoke rise and dissipate that were our illusions, once real to us. Bright shining new clothes await. Put them on. Wear them freely and joyfully. Haven’t we earned it?

Live in beauty and be well ~ Triza

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by Triza Schulz
Triza Schultz is a spiritual student/guide, writer, and artist. She is a blogger and the author of “The Fear Standard — A Guide And Personal Journey to Regain Our Intuitive Spirit.” You can read this article and others by Triza at: womanofthewind.blogspot.com