The Seer and The Sayer – Revelations of the New Earth

The Seer and The Sayer: Revelations of the New Earth by Victoria Hanchin

Review by Cheryl Shainmark

The Seer and The Sayer paints the most joyful picture of a post-2012 future imaginable — readers will be swept up by Victoria Hanchin’s infectious enthusiasm for this evolving co-created world of peace, unity, and right-relations with all beings. This is the Mayan Love Train, people, and, if this the future you want, then it is time to get on board.

Ms Hanchin outlines a series of marvelous synchronicities and Divine Guidance that lead her to serve as a “mouthpiece for the New Earth.” Working closely with Grandmother Dona, an Elder of Mohawk lineage, the author travels through Pennsylvania and Ohio visiting sacred mounds, waterways, nearby ancient petroglyphs, and more. Reading the signs and messages from Nature, along with chance meetings and other auspicious happenings, Ms. Hanchin first defines and then anchors into physical expression a wonderful new vision of the planet. The author, who trained for several years with various indigenous tribes, uses song, poetry, dance and shamanistic ceremony to help heal old injuries to the Earth and the indigenous tribes, and to “give birth” to this future world of unity.

There is something for everyone here — Ms. Hanchin, who worked with Mayan Elders and the International Council of 13 Indigenous Grandmothers, relates the most fascinating tales of Serpent Medicine, blessed rivers in Pittsburgh, Sacred White Buffalo, Faeries or “Nature People,” and our dynamic connections to the stars. Her vision of a New Earth is indeed joyful, and her example of being The Seer and The Sayer, as she transmits her truth, is inspiring.

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by Victoria Hanchin
Victoria (Vikki) Hanchin, LCSW, is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker, wholistic psychotherapist, visionary activist, workshop facilitator, speaker, word-smith and bridge-builder, and mother of two sons.In her role as a word-smith and bridge-builder, Vikki writes integrative articles that find a common language connecting ancient spiritual wisdom with modern science and understanding. She has researched the fields of conscious human evolution, quantum physics and human consciousness, positive psychology, and ancient spiritual/wisdom traditions, and discovered that they are all saying the same thing: we are at the transformation point in human consciousness on the planet now.