Accessing the Wisdom of the Evolution of Medicine Summit

Did you know that you can access the world’s largest medical conference online? This last September, over 37 of the world’s most innovative medical leaders — such as Deepak Chopra, Jeffrey Bland, Mark Hyman, David Perlmutter and others — gave seminars and interviews for the Evolution of Medicine Summit. Founded by James Maskell, the widely popular conference offered free online access to viewers worldwide. Now the whole conference is available on their website,, for a small fee.

From the Evolution website: “Medicine is evolving to solve the modern epidemics of chronic disease, such as Type 2 diabetes, heart disease and a range of autoimmune diseases. Our summit brings light to the work of the visionaries and innovators leading this evolution, and also sets a unique vision for a more evolved healthcare system. This vision is empowered, proactive and involves your participation.”

Now’s the time to check out the website, register and watch some of the hundreds of talks featured. You’ll have a chance to catch up before they announce plans for 2015, and be on the list for the latest information and updates.

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by Staff