Being Balanced, Living As Whole by Dr. Amy R. Beller

Where does one begin to explore such a seemingly capricious phrase as “being balanced, living whole?” Should we just take it for granted that it means that everything is textbook perfect in all levels of our existence? That we do not need any help or modification within our development? Even for that matter, that we have reached a sense of proverbial Shambala Utopia, that requires no further exploration? Who holds the answers to such philosophical questions? We do, within our heart and soul.

In the light of these perplexing questions, let us start with the common ground of setting up a stepping stone from which we can journey together as we define and unravel the meaning of this phrase “being balanced, living whole.” Let’s start with “being balanced.” Depending upon one’s perspective, we can say that being balanced is equated to the symbolic justice scales, or the proverbial “eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth.” Translated into the language of karma, “we reap what we sow.” In a more Biblical sense, “do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” And in scientific terminology, “for every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.”

Joseph Campbell, interpreting Carl Jung, says that from one point central there will always be a spontaneous, direct, opposing, mirror separation equidistant from the point of origin… even though the initial point of origin is really an intersected crossover point from yet another reverberating set of chain link reactions. In other words, “Which came first, the chicken or the egg?” The answer is neither, yet both. It’s all dependent upon from where one is standing, and how one perceives and translates thought in a cohesive logic.

To “live life whole.” That is easier to explain. What is meant here is to be complete. That you are satisfied, at peace, and living in the present moment. As we all know, this is not an easy task. In this world of high speed technology, global simulcast, multi-tasking and multilingual communication, we find ourselves lost in a pool of being politically correct, and ethnically and culturally proper. We are so busy with our external façade that we are neither aware of nor in tune with our internal true identity. But where does the external come from but our internal truths and how we choose to portray them to the world? So in a nutshell, the point of origin of our external reality really comes from within. For it’s from the point within that we create the outcome of our existence.

So how does one begin to uncross one’s eyes from all the dizzying overlays? How does one know which overlay is his or her point of origin? When and how can we take a stand? This is where Amy R. Beller, PhD., Doctor of Alternative Healing, can help.

As an intuitive life coach, she can help you to help yourself find the first stepping stone. Seeing things differently, and from many levels, is a normal part of her life. For her, normalcy has been seeing holographic images, getting empathetic sensations, and receiving verbal and non-verbal impressions. Of this she says, “It is plain and simple a humbling responsibility that I accept and respect with the greatest sense of reverence.”

The following excerpt is from the testimonial of one client: “Amy came up with a plan of using a combination of hypnosis, creative visualizations, and candle therapy to get me through the immediate scenario. This was a great idea since I was already familiar with hypnosis and creative visualizations. The journey took me from being desperately scared to being totally relaxed in only seven days.

The day of the surgery, I was in such a very positive frame of mind that I had the doctors and nurses laughing before any anesthetic. Most doctors will tell anyone that their frame of mind is critical to help them heal. I believe with my full being that the work Amy did with me allowed me to wake up totally clear and ill free.

One of the things we talked about was post surgery pain. We worked on that for the next couple of weeks. Three times a week for one hour sessions, utilizing hypnosis, and visualization and candle therapy.

Much to my jubilation I used less pain pills than expected and learned how to control my pain in a safe, non-intrusive manner. During this time, Amy and I got to really talk and know each other. This is where Amy’s role in my life quickly began to change from being a healer to more of an intuitive life coach. There is no rational explanation for me to explain how I went from living underneath the armpits of hell to doing a resume and putting my professional life back together, when I was not even able to approach this area of my life for the past three years.

Amy took my hand and walked me across a very frightening bridge to where I have the confidence in myself as a human being. I prayed for so long to have somebody hold my hand like I did for others for so long. Being the strong one for others I feel that God has given me someone to be strong for me. Amy works with me intensively or whenever I need a hug. Amy will not let me be co-dependent. She has shown me how to be the center of my own life. I feel that I am on a wonderful journey for the first time to fulfill my dreams and make them a reality. I’m choosing to keep Amy as my professional and personal life coach.”

Photograph by Dena VentrudoSo who is Dr. Amy R. Beller? She is a devoted, professional caregiver with a lifetime of experience in the ancient esoteric sciences and the alternative and complementary art forms for the healing of the body, mind, spirit and soul. She has been internationally sought after for her gift. To find out more about her, go to


by Dr. Amy R. Beller
Amy R. Beller is a consultant in many areas of self/human potential programs. She has been practicing esoteric and self-hypnosis in groups and in private sessions for years. Amy has experience as a motivational speaker. She has received her degrees from the Albert University, as a Doctor of Philosophy in Esoteric Studies as well as a Doctor of Alternative Healing.In addition to private sessions, Dr. Beller presents a series of Quality On-Site Company Wellness Programs. She is the creator of Bioenernostics, numerous workshops, and Stress Management Programs.