Break-Down or Break-Through? by Eliza Mada Dalian

When everything in our financial structure is breaking down, we, as humanity, have a great opportunity to dismantle our old financial, political, and religious belief systems and awaken from the illusion of the dream of separation that we have created and lived in for centuries!

To break out of our collective unconsciousness and unconditionally live in our true nature is not an easy task. It requires a monumental individual effort, courage, and responsibility to live without compromising our inner truth.

A time of crises is a blessed time because it offers us two choices; we can either hold on to the old falling structure and continue living in fear and anxiety about tomorrow, or take advantage of the opportunity to look inside and courageously find new ways of living and interacting with each other and the world around us.

These trying times undoubtedly force us to assess our old values and belief systems. If we endeavor to do what it takes to awaken to our deep inner truth, we will realize that we have a lot to be grateful for, including the challenges we are facing today!

Our challenge is not inhowto fix the old deteriorating foundation, but inhow to destroy it and build a new one instead, with courage, honesty, and integrity. We can do this only if we take responsibilityfor our own pain, fear, freedom, and happiness.

Existence is in eternal celebration with no boundaries — national, religious, or political. It knows no birth and no death. It endlessly vibrates with Joy of changing moments of destruction and creation. When we forget to find our true being and be fully present moment-to-moment, we move into separation created by our ego-mind and inevitably suffer, making everyone around us suffer too.

With our global economy breaking-down, we have an opportunity to collectively break-through to a new Era of one humanity — one loving consciousness. The choice to welcome change or resist it rests with each individual.

Photograph by Dena VentrudoWe are each responsible to recognize our fears and old beliefs, and consciously surrender to the lessons that Existence is offering us at this pivotal time in our human history. All stars are born out of chaos, and we, as one humanity can turn this planet into a true paradise if we collectively take the jump to surrender into the unknown with open arms.

To give birth to a new Star Earth we must unite as one humanity. We must surrender our religious and political differences, and our fearful and manipulative egos that keep them alive. We must look deep into our unconscious habits and behavior patterns and recognize that they have nothing to do with who we truly are.

To be ready to live in a new world of higher vibration and consciousness, which is based on creativity, love, and honesty wemust understand the pain and suffering that our ego-mind creates for ourselves and others and surrender to our inner intelligence and truth. Our intelligence knows that we are not separate, and that by harming others we also harm ourselves. It knows that by not loving ourselves, we can never truly love others.

It is only by looking inside and peeling away the layers of what is artificial and untrue in us that we can find and live our greatest potential of being in our all-knowing Buddha-Christ-nature that we are born and die with.

It is time that we wake up and open our wings to the love, goodness, and joy that are intrinsically in the core of each one of us regardless of the different ideologies we have been taught to believe in!

“There is a beautiful story in the Old Testament of the Bible about a man named Job. Job was a wealthy, powerful, and influential man who did his best to live an honorable life. He faithfully fulfilled his family and social obligations and was regarded by others as a religious and trustworthy man. He was grateful to God for his good fortune and felt rightly rewarded for his efforts and commitment. One day, at the peak of his success, a disaster struck him. Job lost all his wealth, and all his animal stock and servants were consumed by fire. He also lost all his children when a hurricane struck his elder son’s house while they were gathered there to eat and drink.

Job was devastated and in shock that God would forsake him after he had been so faithful to Him, but he held on to his beliefs. Outwardly, he tried to accept and surrender to the will of God, but inside he struggled with anger and disappointment at what he thought was God’s betrayal. His inner anguish brought about an excruciatingly painful skin disease that covered his body in oozing sores from head to toe. He suffered intensely. His wife further added to his misery by showing no sympathy and blaming him for all their misfortunes. He felt completely alone and isolated. He had gone from feeling like a somebody who had everything to a nobody left with nothing.

When his friends came to comfort him, Job broke down and cursed the day he had been born. He raged against himself and his existence, complaining that he had done nothing to deserve what was happening to him. He went back and forth between fearing God and accusing him of cruelty and injustice. He demanded that God give an explanation. What was the point, complained Job, of being God’s faithful servant if he was only made to suffer? Why were things given to men then taken away? Why was there creation if it was going to be destroyed? Why was awareness given to man on one hand and the truth hidden from him on the other? Why was there life at all if everything was going to turn to dust? He questioned, but found no answers. He felt hopeless and confused and saw no end to his suffering. In despair, he contemplated suicide.

Job’s friends were shocked by what had happened to him. They judged him for his anger and thought he must have done something wrong to deserve his misfortunes. They insisted that God was punishing him for some sin he must have committed. They told him to repent so that he could be forgiven.

Job argued that he had faithfully lived by the commandments he was taught. He insisted that he had not made wealth or power his goal, nor had he put himself above others. He had been a loyal husband and father. He had never taken pleasure in another’s misfortune, had not hidden anything to protect his reputation, and had generously given to those in need.

Photograph by Dena VentrudoThen the youngest of the men, who had been silent out of respect to his elders, spoke. He expressed his anger at Job for trying to use reasoning to justify himself in the face of God’s mysterious ways. He also rebuked the other men for believing that God was simply punishing Job for his hidden sins, and condemned them for not being sincere and truthful. Then the young man asked Job if he believed the commandments through his own understanding and experience, or if he was just blindly following the scriptures. Did he know the laws of the universe? Had he seen the depth of darkness and the gates of death? Had he grasped the vastness of the Earth and its creatures, knew who provided the animals their prey and who made the rain to quench their thirst? Had he truly found where darkness and light dwelled?

Then the young man reminded all of them that God does not despise or judge anyone, because everyone and everything is his creation. He only creates situations so that everyone can know themselves and gain wisdom, compassion, and understanding. It is not the mind, he said, but the spirit within man and the breath within his heart that enables him to understand the wisdom of God. He reminded them of the need to surrender to God’s will and trust that whatever God gives is for everyone’s higher good. The young man then asked Job to stop cursing and judging what had happened and accept it gracefully, so he could find true wisdom.

Job remained silent. His confidence in himself and his righteousness were shaken. He realized his ignorance and saw what God was trying to teach him. He understood that both the successes and the catastrophes were a blessing bestowed by God so that he could become conscious of the laws and power of creation and his own inner truth. He understood that God is both light and darkness, and there cannot be good without evil. He understood that pain and suffering were nothing to be feared or avoided but welcomed as teachers of wisdom, humility, and compassion. In gratitude, he surrendered to the will of God. His wisdom grew with time, and God blessed him with a long life and restored everything that he had lost many times over.”

(The story of Job is excerpted from of In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness by Eliza Mada Dalian) Mada is also a healer, mystic, spiritual guide, and founder of a groundbreaking new healing method DHM (Dalian Healing Method).

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by Eliza Mada Dalian
Eliza Mada Dalian is an internationally acclaimed medical intuitive, healer, mystic, and spiritual guide. She is the author of In Search of the Miraculous: Healing into Consciousness and the founder of a groundbreaking new healing method DHM (Dalian Healing Method), which helps to quickly identify the causes of physical, mental and emotional pain or illness, and erase the causal imprints from the body’s cellular memory. She also conducts Self-Healing and Meditation workshops and seminars, Self-Awareness Intensives, and Meditation Teacher trainings. Visit her website at