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Roland ComtoisRoland M. Comtois, a Rhode Island native is widely known locally and abroad as a Spiritual Medium and Channel, who channels the world beyond. His “Messages for the Soul” audiences have reached the tens of thousands across the miles. He is the founder of the “Inspiration” Foundation and “I Believe” publication which goal is to inspire and empower others through love and compasson. He is often heard and seen on local television and radio shows across New England. His first spoken CD is now available, “Spiritual Intentions.”

Roland’s ever-evolving journey continues to inspire new ventures and broadcast appearances. Along with his personal appearances and radio programs, Roland is currently working on an autobiography, And Then There Was Heaven. Check back for publication details later this year. Roland’s spiritual journey includes a strong spiritual connection to angels, heavenly beings and loved ones who have passed over to the other side to heaven.

Introducing the Roland Comtois You Tube channel.

Merlian News Podcast Interview with Roland M. Comtois

Medium Roland Comtois

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Roland M. Comtois is a Reiki Master & Teacher, Internationally and Nationally known Spiritual & Intuitive Consultant, Specializing in Channeling and Mediumship, Reiki and Intuitive Advisement. Roland has captivated audiences worldwide with his uncanny ability to connect with the spiritual realm, sharing personalized messages that have the power to heal the soul.