Companies Quietly Remove GMOs From Their Products

There is a quiet movement afoot among food maufacturers: without fanfare or publicity they are quietly removing or replacing the GMO ingredients in their food. Why the big secret? Because no one knows yet who will win the ongoing GMO battle: big agri-business with their fight to deny GMO labeling and expand their use, or the educated consumer pushing back for labeling, informed choice or removal of modified ingredients.

In the last few months General Mills has removed the GMO grain from their original Cheerios, Target has certified more food items as non-GMO, and Ben & Jerry’s has pledged to remove all GMO ingredients from their ice cream. As reported on NPR, “The news that Ben & Jerry’s is taking a stand on a controversial issue is no surprise; it’s part of the company’s calling card. But some other mainstream companies are carefully – and much more quietly – calibrating their non-GMO strategies.”

So why are these companies bothering to change their products now? Because when all is said and done, profit is king. It’s all about capturing the consumer dollar, and if that means offering an all natural product, then that is what they will do. The idea is to be well positioned now to advertise the “all natural” items later. At the same time these same companies (including Ben &Jerry’s parent company, Unilever) continue to donate millions to organizations such as the “Grocery Manufacturers Association” who lobby and file lawsuits in support of GMOs and against labeling efforts.

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