Excerpt from The Eagle’s View: Five Steps to Modern Mysticism by Paddy Fievet, PhD

As I mentioned before, I kept exploring the information that turned into this book because my initial Christian theology did not answer the many questions that plagued me for years. I had questions about awakening, questions relating to discovering who I was and what I was supposed to be doing on this earth. I had questions about my sense of intuition and why it was so dreadfully hard to explain it to friends and family in my younger years. I also had questions relating to a need to love and be loved. My initial theological training only taught me what seemed to be rote answers, worded in ways that I could not relate to my specific problems. I needed to go deeper, richer, and I needed to experience what I had been taught. God had to be not a theology, but an active, living process for me—a transformational encounter. I needed to relate to life from a transcendent perspective, not abstruse theological teachings. Most important, I needed experiences that positively affected me physically, spiritually, and psychologically. As I began to awaken, my studies led me into the realm of metaphysics as I searched for original causes and essential meanings as they relate to all creation. I had to find out what I truly knew within myself in order to separate it from what I had been told, from what had been imposed upon me.

Eventually, I began to understand myself from the inside, expanding the ordinary definition of self in order to embody life as a mystical experience. I not only consciously discovered my own version of a mystical connection, but began to rely upon it daily. As I began to live from the perspective of a Modern Mystic—from the perspective that I am Divinely connected and that my life is a very real experience of God—I realized that a Modern Mystic only needs to embrace five specific areas of understanding that serve as steps to a heart-centered, mystical life. However, the results of these specific steps have to come from the depth of a person’s spiritual passion. His or her unique answers are all that are ever needed.

  1. The First Step of Awareness: Where am I?
  2. The Second Step of Identity: Who am I?
  3. The Third Step of Expression: What Is My Purpose?
  4. The Fourth Step of Spiritual Artistry: How Will It Happen?
  5. The Fifth Step of Love: What is Love?

It’s not easy asking yourself these questions, not if you are sincere and genuinely want to discover your own potential. The questions have to be asked in order, also, because they build upon each other. One cannot start at the top of a staircase in order to ascend; the process has to start at the beginning. Therefore, to make these personal inquiries meaningful, one must start with inquiry one. From my own experience, if you do not begin this journey of mystical self-knowledge with the first step, the results will not be the same. This is not your normal self-inquiry. Instead, it’s an awakening, a spiritual undertaking that serves as a basis for living as a Modern Mystic.


© Paddy Fievet, PhD, is the author of The Eagle’s View: Five Steps to Modern Mysticism, published by Cloverhurst Publications, 2017. Excerpt is printed with permission of the publisher. ISBN: 978-09906706-4-3. List price: US $14.95