Talking to Jude Currivan, PhD, about The Cosmic Hologram.

Jude Currivan has written several books and has been a long-time friend of Merlian News.  We loved her book, The Cosmic Hologram, and its empowering message about reality and our roles as co-creators. So we jumped at the chance to ask Jude how she came to write it, and why its message is so relevant for us today.

How would you summarize the book?

The Cosmic Hologram transforms our understanding, not only of the entire Universe, and crucially at the level of our everyday lives, but of the nature of reality itself. It describes how the latest scientific discoveries across many fields of study show that the information that upholds our technologies is exactly the same as universal in-formation that literally ‘forms’ and is all we call physical reality.

Exploring how our Universe is in-formed and holographically manifested, it explains how, for the first time, quantum and relativity theories can be reconciled by considering energy-matter and space-time as complementary expressions of information, and how the cosmic hologram in-forms the true origin of species. Describing experimental evidence that information is physically real, it explores how consciousness connects us to the many interconnected layers of universal in-formation, making us microcosmic co-creators of the cosmic hologram of unified reality.

Why is the book’s message relevant for us now?

It reveals the innate intelligence of our Universe that exists and evolves as a coherent entity; a finite thought in the infinite mind of the Cosmos. Aligning scientifically based evidence with universal spiritual experience and supernormal phenomena such as telepathy, remote viewing and precognition, the book serves to clarify our understanding and awareness of reality as a unified whole. By re-membering ourselves as microcosmic co-creators of this emergent understanding, it offers a wholeworld-view that can nurture and validate our need for meaning and belonging; inviting and empowering us to celebrate our individual uniqueness and collective diversity within the oneness of all that is. In doing so, it empowers us to heal our fragmented perspectives and so radically change our collective behaviors, with the potential to transform the emergency of our current global issues into the emergence of our conscious evolution.

You say that information is fundamental to the Universe. How?

Physicists know when drilling down to sub-atomic scales that matter is extremely ephemeral; its will of the wisp nature showing our Universe is 99.999999999999% no-thingness. They also know that, whilst within space and time no signal can go faster than the speed of light, quantum mechanics can only work if the whole Universe is interconnected as a single entity. Such non-local coherence has been experimentally proven in laboratories far beyond quantum scales and astronomically for distances of at least 600 light years from Earth. Still though, our everyday experience of the apparent solidity of the physical world and the seeming separations between large-scale objects has meant that such a deeper understanding has looked to have little relevance for most of us.

However, in 2012 an experiment led by Antoine Bérut and Eric Lutz demonstrated that when a digital bit of information is deleted, actual physical heat is released and in line with theoretical predictions. Building on an insight by communications expert Claude Shannon that the entropy of a system, previously considered as its level of order and disorder, is better understood as being the measure of its information content, the experiment proved the links between information and physical concepts of heat, work and entropy. From these and other discoveries, extraordinary though it might seem, an increasing number of physicists are coming to consider that the digitized information that’s the basis for all our technologies is exactly the same as universal in-formation, also expressed digitally, that’s being recognized as being more fundamental than energy, matter, space and time and as the most basic ‘stuff’ of our physical Universe.

Our in-formed Universe is exquisitely set-up to exist and evolve ever greater levels of complexity and after 13.8 billion years for self-aware beings such as ourselves to emerge. Its universal in-formation is much more than mere data; it’s dynamic, relational and imbued with intention. Indeed, we can say that if in-formation is the notes of reality, then consciousness is the resultant music of our Uni-verse.

Can you explain how the Universe is holographic?

Studies of black holes show that the information describing their physical properties, their so-called informational entropy isn’t proportional to their three-dimensional volumes, but, acting exactly like a hologram, to their two-dimensional spherical surface areas, or event horizons. If we imagine their event horizons to be covered in tiny triangles at the so-called Planck scale, which in terms of length and time is the tiniest unit of measurement and that naturally arises when the forces of our Universe are combined, every miniscule Planck area stores one bit of information at this fundamental scale of space-time. Extending this insight to our entire Universe, as the so-called holographic principle, then shows that physical reality isn’t just inherently informed but holographically realised.

What is nonlocal awareness and why is it so important in our understanding of ourselves and our relationship with the Cosmos?

Nonlocal awareness, such as telepathy, remote viewing and precognition, is our innate ability to be aware of and indeed to some degree influence events beyond the limits of space and time. Whilst causality within space-time is inviolate, enabling us to experience and evolve greater self-awareness through the appearance of duality, such universal nonlocality shows that we and our entire Universe are linked spontaneously beyond space-time and reveals the deeper unified nature of reality. Indeed, as the book shows, the rapidly increasing evidence is that mind is matter and consciousness isn’t something we have; it’s what we and the whole world are.

What do you feel is the most compelling evidence that we are co-creators of our realities?

The book emphasizes that we’re microcosmic co-creators in that we are literally uniquely individuated microcosms of the cosmic intelligence of our Universe. Experimental work over many years at the Princeton Engineering Anomalies Laboratory (PEAR) by Robert Jahn and Brenda Dunne and the Global Consciousness Project led by Roger Nelson has amassed an enormous database for co-creative and nonlocal perception and influence at individual, group and collective levels. Dean Radin the Research Director of the Institute of Noetic Sciences also continues to undertake rigorously controlled experiments that show our consciousness transcends space and time.

And over the last few years research into our mind-body interface such as that at the HeartMath Institute, studies of the positive placebo and negative nocebo effects, investigations into the abilities of Buddhist monks and Hindu yogis to mentally affect their physiologies have all shown compelling evidence of what biologist Bruce Lipton calls the ‘biology of belief.’

If people take one thing away from the book what would you hope it would be?

I hope that readers understand and come to experience and embody the true unified nature of reality in their own lives and are inspired and empowered to become ever more conscious co-creators in fulfilling  their own unique contribution to the evolutionary unfolding of our Universe.

Nature will guide us through our perfect storm of crises to the world we dream of if we listen!

Jude Currivan, Ph. D., is a cosmologist, planetary healer, and futurist. She has a master’s degree in physics from Oxford University and a doctorate in archaeology from the University of Reading in the UK. She has traveled to more than 70 countries, worked with wisdomkeepers from many traditions, and has been a life-long researcher into the nature of reality. The author of five books and a member of the Evolutionary Leaders circle, she lives in Wiltshire, England.


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