Horoscope: March – April 2006, by Sahar Huneidi

My Horoscope column for Sharq Magazine first appeared in March/April 2006 issue, page 108.

MAR / APR ’06

“Cairo-born Sahar Huneidi has twice been credited in the Psychic Yellow Pages as one of the best 100 psychics in the world. With her busy practice in West London, she trained in mediumship and the Spiritual Association of Great Britain, and at the London College of Psychic studies. With extensive media acknowledgement, “Sahar’s reading is unnerving the spot on,” says Arena magazine of the life coach who accurately predicted the invasion of Kuwait.”

Pisces Feb 18 — March 19

Sit tight! The first few days of March, are not a good time to make important decisions. You would be better off deciding to make to make up your mind later. This will take immediate pressure off, and you will begin to relax. From Mid March onwards, your prospects will improve, you will find the right words, and be able to express yourself in a more effective manner. Now, would be a good time to spring clean your life, start new hobbies, and live the future you desire in your mind. The message is: don’t analyse, visualise!

Aries Mar 20 – Apr 19

Get set, ready, go! Things will come for those who wait, and you have been waiting long enough. With the onset of spring, fiery Aries transmute their restlessness into vitality. Long walks in the country, for example, will revive your resolve, as you start feeling that the wheels are set in motion. Expect the unexpected: an unannounced visitor at your doorstep, good news for those who seek career change, and news of engagement. For bankers, and investors; this is an opportune time to make an extra bundle of money too. Give yourself a special treat!

Taurus Apr 20 – May 20 Hardworking Taurians will earn the fruits of their long labour, as the next two months highlight money and career prospects. Home life is also under the spot light, with many celebrations in store. You may not have all the answers yet to your conundrum; however, you will begin to feel more assured over the next two weeks. And, although the outcome is not exactly what you expect, it will be in your favour in the end. Strong prospect of a marriage proposal for single Taurians. Taurians’ lucky charm will rob off on their partners, as they receive news of career promotion, and possible relocation to a new country or a new home.

Gemini May 21 – June 20 “Should I go, or should I stay?” Indecisive Geminis will learn to master their impatience. A slow start to the month, but pace will gradually pick up. Work takes precedence over romance, as you sign an important contract. Exercise caution and control your temper to overcome an obstacle in your love life. Good time to go on a short break to places near water, however, be careful not to over spend. New environment will give you a fresh perspective, and help you detach from current issues. Not a good time to revive old flames! The message is move forward.

Cancer June 21 – July 21

After a standstill and frustrating period, Cancerian will be delighted at the ease with which matters now move forward. First 3 weeks in March are particularly well aspected. Discretion, however, is vital when it comes to plans and ideas in the pipeline. Announce your good fortune only when you have signed on the dotted line. Unexpected journeys, to familiar and new places, once ‘old business’ is concluded. And I mean old business: the past is the past, where matters have been unsatisfactory ‘out with the old, in with the new’. New beginnings in numerous aspects of your life.

Leo July 22 – Aug 22 Leos would love an opportunity to shine, but the focus over the next two months is on your home life, where your attention is needed. Focus on strengthening family ties particularly with young members, business comes later. Ambitious businesses oriented Leos will be see an important contract signed, particularly in connection with overseas opportunities. This can also mean, several overseas journeys, but do remember to call home. As the Sun Enters Aries on the 21st March, your complimentary fire sign, energy surges your way too; remember loosing your temper doesn’t help! Be centred and calm, and all will be well.

Virgo Aug 23 – Sept 22 Virgo’s will now be able to strike a ‘happy medium’. Now is an opportune time to reach a compromise where you can have your cake and eat it too; please resist arguing over minor details! Virgo women will be inspired to start new interests, hobbies, talents or job more to their liking. Virgo business men and women, will be able to negotiate better deals and finalise business contracts too. Those who are in the creative arts will make headway and turn their plans into money, provided they are not too stubborn. Exposure is more important than financial gain during this period.

Libra Sept 23 – Oct 22 Libra’s moods could swing sharply between high’s and low’s; feeling overly happy and overly concerned. During a low, you need to remember to exercise your brain’s power over your mind: decide to react or to think differently. Recognise your feelings but let them go. Once you are in command of those emotions and thoughts, the swings will dissipate and new heights will be achieved. Life will seem to be less of a struggle, as this new perspective brings a sense of ease- or luck over the next two months. You may even see an unexpected financial gain! Hurrah to you!

Scorpio Oct 23 – Nov 21

Restless Scorpios might find it hard to curb their emotions, or to express them in a less dramatic way over the next two months. Quick to respond, you might regret what you say on the spare of the moment! So, bite the bullet and count to 10 before you react. The stars are teaching you how ‘to master’ your strong and sensitive nature by detaching emotionally from your situation; leading you to a win-win situation. The Water Element can ease this transition: swimming, long baths, or walks by rivers or lakes, listening to sounds of running water such as fountains will do wonders.

Sagittarius Nov 22 – Dec 21 During the first two weeks, Sagittarians will be able to reflect on and understand how previous failed partnerships, business and romantic, were actually a blessing! Their flair for creativity will be fuelled, as they experience a renewed sense of optimism and determination. Pay attention to messages from your subconscious. Understanding your dreams will help give you the inner guidance you seek through out the coming months; as your own sense of intuition is getting stronger. Due to this clarity of mind, new alliances can be forged with new acquaintances. Travel plans are likely to take place with one or two good friends.

Capricorn Dec 22 – Jan 19 Hard thinking Capricorns will feel more confident about their financial prospects, and can start diverting their attention towards self-improvement and creating a new public persona. If you are already a social butterfly, or in the public eye; now is a good time to consider embellishing your public speaking techniques or receiving voice coaching lessons, for example. Communication skills will be particularly important for those who are already in the creative industries, writing music or singing. Your ‘new’ more outgoing self, can easily conclude new business ventures successfully.

Aquarius Jan 20- Feb 17

Very promising period ahead, with many lucky breaks for Aquarians. Social contacts will flourish too as you will be spending more time outdoors with friends and colleagues alike. Try not to rush into prejudging others’ feelings and reactions towards you. You will be surprised to receive positive feed back and appreciation of your efforts from unexpected parties. Try listening to other types of music which you do not normally listen to. Integrating music into your life can be very uplifting to sensitive Aquarians. Live classical concerts, or even an evening at the Opera, might be just what you need!

Celebrities in Focus

Pisces Feb 18 — March 19

Haifa Wahbe, Singer, March 10, 1970 Those who see Wahbe as just a beautiful talented singer, will be surprised with her business acumen too. New products in the area of health, fitness and women’s cosmetics could be developed by her. She is advised to keep those plans under her hat until launch day!

Aries Mar 20 – Apr 19

Omar Sharif, Actor, April 10 , 1932 Never say never again. Could domestic bliss be on the horizon for this independent Aries? This spring, Omar’s health would benefit a great deal from swimming, a change of diet, and especially liver detox. Other creative talents would put the suave superstar under the spot lights. Did anyone say ‘autobiography’?

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