Limitless You: The Infinite Possibilities of a Balanced Brain By Lee Gerdes

Limitless You -- The Infinite Possibilities of a Balanced Brain By Lee GerdesLimitless You is an amazing book, all about an intriguing new technique for balancing the brain and adjusting old neural patterns. Also known as “Brain State Conditioning,” the author, Lee Gerdes, has found new methods for diagnosing and healing old imbalances that may be leftover from traumatic moments in the past. According to Gerdes, getting back in balance may be the key to overcoming a variety of physical, emotional, and spiritual problems as well as leading to increased performance and flexibility in every facet of life.

If you’ve ever played any music tapes designed to synchronize the hemispheres of the brain, then you may have some familiarity with that state of balance, or acuity, and how good it feels. Likewise, if you’ve ever done any bio-feedback work, then the Brain State Conditioning methods may sound familiar. But Gerdes takes both of these ideas a step further by synching both hemispheres and the lobes as well. This, he has found, leads to more balance and harmony and increased flexibility in the brain as it goes from a resting state to an active state. That in turn leads to a variety of benefits for one’s physical and mental health.

The goal of Brain State Conditioning is to “re-wire” old neural patterns that may have outlived their usefulness or that may result in harmful or limited decision making. Examples could be traumatic moments from the past that led to a “flight or fight” type of response, or there may have been more seemingly innocuous moments that left an ingrained pattern over time. Limitless You offers several fascinating case studies of clients who have used Gerdes methods to overcome PTSD, addictions, obsessions, poor impulsivity control, stress and anxiety disorders, and more. In many cases, this has led to improved physical health in each client. In fact, in Limitless You, Gerdes makes a strong case for all aspects of a person being affected positively — as he says in the sub-title “the infinite possibilities of a balanced brain” — and, if the many case studies he’s included here are any indication, he may be right.

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by Cheryl Shainmark
Lee Gerdes achieved a BA with Math and Physics majors and advanced studies in Math and Physics; a Masters Degree in Divinity with advanced studies in Psychology.The eclectic mix of Lee's education and his personal need to experience more happiness and less stress while being highly functional, led Lee in 2003, to begin research of the options to cause an individual brain state to be conditioned for health and happiness. In 2004, Lee started KudoZone, a brain state conditioning business, which now furnishes Brain State Conditioning™ capability to thousands of people. In 2005 KudoZone became Brain State Technologies™, with affiliate offices throughout the world.