Three Minutes a Day by Richard Dixey

Three Minutes a Day is one of the best meditation books to come along in years. Author Richard Dixey has written a real how-to manual for anyone who wants to start meditating. Not only that, he outlines in clear, simple terms how the reader can gain all the wisdom and benefits of a meditative practice with just a few minutes daily investment of time. Repeat that three minutes every day for several weeks, and before you know it you are a meditator, capable of achieving clarity, growth, and insight.

By now most of us have heard about the many benefits of meditating: reducing stress, promoting well being, increasing creativity, and more. In addition to this, the author writes, “Meditation is a useful, perhaps even essential, element of self-exploration, a practice that can develop a reliable foundation for both subjective knowledge and emotional resilience.”

Still, many who are interested in learning how have been put off by the belief that meditation requires long periods of time sitting still and doing nothing. Three Minutes a Day is the answer, and something that virtually everybody can make work for them. Even reading the book can be broken up into tiny chunks over 14 weeks – each week offering a new experience, a new meditative exercise, a new chance for insight. Like most skills, repetition makes it easier, and the reader may find that three minutes becomes more, and fourteen weeks is only the start to what may turn into a life long journey of transformation.

by Cheryl Shainmark