Maetreum of Cybele: The Catskill (NY) Phrygianum by Cathryn Platine

Cathryn Platine, the principle founder of the Cybeline Revival writes, “Our theology starts from the simplest basis: That the Divine Feminine principle is the basis of the universe. That all of us, all that we encounter is Her in the aggregate. We are all the Great Mother learning about Herself. From this simple beginning springs our organizational models, our rituals, the principles of what we call Wholistic Feminism, our mission of charitable outreach and indeed the way we, as Cybelines, live our lives. We are sometimes called the “scholarly Cybelines” because we have invested many years of strict historical research in order to embrace the essence of what proved to be literally the oldest surviving religion in the world. We embraced the essence and then stepped away from “Pagan Reconstructism” by bringing those essences into the modern world.

We re-introduced to the world a model for Pagan Monasticism. We’ve recovered long believed lost principles, our drumming patterns, ritual practices and corrected history. The world centre of our Religion is in the Catskill Mountains of upstate New York at the foot of the Kaaterskill Clove. Unlike many neo-Pagan groups, we have a “horizontal” organization, our Priestesses all considered equals but also expected to live our religion, dedicate themselves to a life of charitable works and ministry to others according to their strengths. We welcome all to our services and to visit our first Phrygianum of the modern era. We do not require anyone to renounce anything to join us…

The Cybeline Revival by Rev. Cathryn PlatineMaetreum means literally “Home of the Mother” so our name is translated as the Home of the Great Mother Cybele. In Roman times this was the official name of the various temples to Cybele and most specifically the one located on the Palatine hill in Rome itself. Phrygianum translates as “Home of the Phrygians”. The Romans considered Phrygia the source of the Cybeline religion and the home of the Phrgyians was the complex that was the Convent home of the Cybeline Priestesses. In Rome that was located across the Tiber on the Vatican hill. The modern primary Phrgyianum is our Catskills location, while it is the first such in the modern era, it will not remain the only one long.”

“Our heartfelt thanks to all who have offered help in this ongoing four year battle for legal recognition of our Religion. Currently we are in court on this matter, have legal representation. Please continue to send us your positive energy and best wishes on this battle which may affect all Pagan Religious groups. We try to keep negativity off these main pages so we are adding a page here specifically for updates and background on this battle. You can also help by emailing the Town of Catskill at: supervisor@townofcatskillny.go v. Please tell them exactly what you think about what they are doing, inform them about freedom of religion applying to ALL religions. Please remind them the First and Fourteenth Amendments apply to us as well.”

Editor’s Note- The Town Of Catskill Admits To Religious Discrimination Against The Maetreum While Currently Trying To Cause The Temple Real Legal & Financial Harm. Please Read The Following Links:

Legal Updates On Our Property Tax Battle

The Daily Mail- Town Appeals Pagan Tax Ruling

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"We call our home the Phrygianum after the Phrygianum on the Vatican hill just outside Rome during the classical period.Literally it means the home of the Phrygians. The property is also the home of the Maetreum,or Home of the Great Mother..That was the name of the primary temples, most specifically, the Temple on the Palatine hill within Rome itself.Our Phrygianum was formally dedicated as such with the transfer of interest in the property from the sole non-Cybelne owner to a priestess...We are a consensus based group and all our elevated priestesses are equals with equal say in all but the basic theology..."