Merlian News Podcast Interview with Nancy Rosanoff, PhD.

Dr. Rosanoff’s enduring interest in life is living the principles of Intuitive Intelligence. She is the author of 3 books on intuition, works as an intuition coach and consultant, and is host and producer of the television show: “The Listening Place.” Her three books are: Intuition Workout, Making Money Through Intuition, and Knowing When It’s Right: an Intuitive Guide to Improving Relationships.

In this interview Merryn Jose talks to Dr. Nancy Rosanoff about intuition, how real it is, and how profoundly it affects our lives.

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by Merlian News
Nancy Rosanoff, PhD., is an intuition consultant and author of three books on intuition. Recently she has been incorporating the deep teachings of Metapsychiatry into her practice and presentations. Nancy also hosts and produces the television talk show "The Listening Place," seen nationally on both American Life Television and The Healthy Living Channel.