Merlian News Podcast Interviews Robert Moss On His Most Recent Book

Robert Moss, a lifelong dream explorer who survived three near-death experiences in childhood. He is the creator of Active Dreaming, an original synthesis of dreamwork and shamanic techniques for empowerment and healing. A former university professor of ancient history at the Australian National University, also a bestselling novelist, shamanic counselor, and the author of five books on dreaming.

Robert Moss has a new DVD called The Way of the Dreamer . Robert gives lectures and leads workshops all over the world. So please visit his website at

In this interview, Merryn Jose discusses withRobert Moss, his most recent book entitled The Dreamers Book of the Dead.

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Youtube- Present! – Dreaming with Robert Moss (part one)

Youtube- Present! – Dreaming with Robert Moss (part two)


by Merlian News
Robert Moss leads innovative programs all over the world and is actively engaged in research projects that include the applications of conscious dreaming techniques to healing and care for the dying; creative innovation and conflict resolutions; dream education in schools; and future science. His many publications include Conscious Dreaming: A Spiritual Path for Everyday Life (Crown), Dreamgates: An Explorer's Guide to the Worlds of Soul, Imagination and Life Beyond Death(Three Rivers Press), Dreaming True, the novels The Firekeeper and The Interpreter, the popular audio series Dream Gates: A Journey into Active Dreaming (Sounds True), and his most recent title, The Dreamers Book of the Dead