New Year’s Resolutions That Can Help Animals

The New Year is the perfect time to adopt a resolution that will help animals. Whether you want to pledge to go veg or cleanup for wildlife, we’ve got a whole host of awesome ideas and advice to help you achieve your goals.

1. Pledge To Go Veg

One of the best ways you can help reduce animal suffering is to ditch animal products from your diet. From hot dogs to ice cream, every day more and more delicious alternatives are becoming available so you never have to go without any of your favorite foods.

2. Educate Yourself on Animal Rights and Welfare Issues

Education is the key to change! By arming ourselves with essential knowledge on important animal issues, we can better spread the compassionate message to those around us. Read books, blogs, brochures or whatever you can get your hands on to increase your awareness.

3. Switch to Cruelty Free Products

As consumers we have a responsibility to be aware of the harmful practices undertaken by the companies we buy from, so put your money where your mouth is and choose to purchase only cruelty free products going forward. Look out for the Leaping Bunny logo and if you’re ever unsure, just ask!


4. Volunteer More

Whether you volunteer locally, nationally or even remotely, no matter where you are in the world there is always a cause that could use your help. Even if you’re super busy, try your best to spare a little time each day, week or month to help a cause you are passionate about.

5. Share Vegan Food With Non-Vegan Family and Friends

If there’s one way to get others excited about a veggie lifestyle, it’s cooking them mouthwatering dishes that will shatter any preconceptions that vegans only eat salad. Start out by cooking alternatives to what they already eat and then branch out from there.

6. Clean Up For Wildlife

Wild animals need our protection too. The trash we throw away injures and kills thousands of birds, reptiles and small mammals every year. By organizing a small cleanup team in your local area, you can help to make the natural environment safer by ridding parks, forests and roadsides of unwelcome litter.

7. Opt for Animal Friendly Clothing

Finding cruelty free clothing has never been easier. Whether you want a wool free sweater or work shoes sans leather, there are no end of companies offering fabulous faux products. Learn more by checking out these 10 Tips to an Animal Friendly Wardrobe.

8. Find Humane Ways to Deal With Pests

From mice to mosquitoes, there’s a humane way to deal with all those pesky critters without having to resort to nasty chemicals and harmful methods (most of which are no good for you or your home). A quick internet search will throw up a host of animal friendly options so pledge to make Google your first stop when considering the best course of action.


9. Learn About New Campaigns and How You Can Support Them

Animal welfare and rights campaigns play a vital role in changing hearts, minds and perhaps most importantly, legislation. Sharing information and getting involved wherever possible is a great way of helping to create a better world for the animals.

10. Sign More Petitions

Petitions are a time-tested way to spark massive positive change. When hundreds or even thousands of people raise their voices about animal issues, those messages are hard to ignore. Find out about all the latest petitions you can sign here:

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by Abigail Geer