Overtones and Sound Healing with Jill Purce

JillPurceJill Purce is a voice teacher, therapist and developer of Sound Healing and Ancestral Healing movements, a system of using sound, chanting and overtones to effect healing. Jill is the author of The Mystic Spiral: Journey of the Soul and has recorded CDs of her healing chants. Her work has helped people to recover from emotional and physical stresses as well as aiding expectant mothers to have smoother deliveries with less pain.

The Times of London wrote about her work, “I was there. I was producing two notes, the greater and the lesser, the lower and the higher at the same time. I can only compare the exhilaration, and slight shock, with the notion of some experience that I have never had: say, discovering a new limb or sense, finding a bowling green in the bathroom, or being given instant familiarity with a foreign language… it is hard not to feel that you have tapped yourself into an awesome and timeless sense of wellbeing.”

Ms. Purce is based in England, but lectures and conducts sound workshops around the world. She describes her workshops in her own words. “My aim is not modest, I am trying to re-enchant the world, which means to make it magical through chanting. My workshops have this as their aim. I am trying to reintroduce into our daily lives, ways of experiencing the extraordinary power of group chant. My aim is to help people rediscover their own voices as tools for deep meditation and personal transformation.”

Jill Purce is married to the noted British biologist Rupert Sheldrake, and has two sons with him. Her website is www.healingvoice.com

Listen to Jill Purce do overtone chanting

Jill discusses sound and healing on YouTube

review by Cheryl Shainmark