Robert Moss: Way of the Dreamer Workshops

New “Way of the Dreamer” Workshops from Robert Moss. Robert Moss, author, dream teacher, blogger and creator of Active Dreaming has announced a new series of workshops. You can choose from California, France, Hawaii and more. For more information click below, or go to

Sunday-Friday, November 10-15 BIG SUR, CALIFORNIA DREAMGATES Exploring the Worlds of Soul, Imagination and Life Beyond Death

In this high adventure in Active Dreaming, you’ll be encouraged to remember and live the deeper story of your life. You’ll find confirmation that – You are here in this world on a mission –You had a life before you were conceived, and you’ll have a life after death. –You have counterparts in other times and in alternate realities –You can visit the Other Side, have timely and helpful communication with the departed — and make Death your ally instead of your fear. –Coincidence is when the universe gets personal, and navigating by synchronicity is the way to dream 24/7.

You’ll learn practical techniques to bring energy, guidance and healing from a deeper reality into everyday life. You’ll discover how to project consciousness safely beyond the body, how to open gates between the worlds — and how to close them when necessary. You’ll be invited to rise to the knowledge of the Higher Self. And we’ll all have wonderful fun, as we grow the group energy that makes the extraordinary easy and play creative games and develop spontaneous rituals to honor our experiences together.

Monday-Wednesday, December 9-11 MONTPELLIER, FRANCE TIME TRAVEL AND REALITY CREATION Shamanic Dreaming to Explore Past and Future Lives and Create Better Futures

In dreams, we are time travelers. Released from Newtonian physics and our consensual hallucinations, the dream self travels into past time, future time, and alternate realities. As active dreamers using the skills of shamanic journeying, we can travel consciously across time to scout the future for ourselves and others, and grow a better future.

In this high-energy adventure, we’ll help each other to grow our life dreams and to become full citizens of the multidimensional universe. We’ll claim the power that comes from acting in the knowledge that the only time is Now, and that all pasts and futures are accessible in this moment and may be revised for the better.

You’ll gain direct knowledge of how past-life experiences affect your current life experience and relationships; beyond this, you’ll learn how to communicate mentally with personalities in other times for mutual benefit. You’ll discover how to receive counsel from an older and wiser self, and how you can play mentor and protector for a younger self who may desperately need help in his or her own time.

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