Soul Currency: Investing Your Inner Wealth for Fulfillment & Abundance by Ernest D. Chu

What is the secret for doing what truly fulfills you and making lots of money doing it? Most Americans are still searching for that elusive formula. Soul Currency demonstrates how to listen to your soul’s passion, seek what fulfulls you ans serves others, and discover your own perfect way to “make a living.” In the process, you also create and live within a prosperous flow of loving energy– soul currency.

Ernest D. Chu believes that our spiritual assets are our most powerful resource. Often ignored when it comes time to seek a career, this “inner wealth” includes what psychologists today call “multiple intelligences”- our innate gifts (for example, intention, intuition, intelligence), as well as learned qualities (for example, integrity, determiniation, persistance). We casually dismiss or devalue many of these traits, especially in the world of business. Once we clearly understand our true soul worth, or soul’s chi, and perceive the gap between this and our material worth, we are empowered to balance the two. Chu uses terms such as assets, capital, and liquidity to talk about ways for readers to activate the flow of soul currency, the flow of energy, and how to discover and remove whatever blocks that flow.

Soul Currency examines the power of manifestation through spiritual “adventureprise.” Spirit working through enlightened entrepreneurs can guide the creation of an actual business or a service, either for-profit or not-for-profit. Readers will learn how to add their own unique value to this enterprise, or choose to be fulfilled in playing a supportive role as a member of a team. Other sections discuss the power of connection and spiritual intelligence through the concept of stakeholders and self-organizing and self-connecting principles of quantum science. Throughout the book, Chu uses real-world success stories and offers practical exercises so that every reader can experience the abundant flow of their own unique soul currency.

Soul Currency: Investing Your Inner Wealth for Fulfillment and Abundance by Ernest D. Chu

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Ernest Chu, a leading corporate finance expert, visionary, and strategic advisor to some of America's best run companies, has created more than $1 billion in market value for his clients. Of equal importance to his business activities, Chu currently serves as assistant pastor at Religious Science Ft. Lauderdale, the largest Religious Science church in the Southeast. His website is