Light Limits Us To The Speed Of Light: Part 2 by Laurel Botsford

Laurel BotsfordDo you know of the Japanese researcher Masaru Emoto? Mr. Emoto has experimented to determine the effect of thought waves and music, or human vibrational energy, on water. Amongst other experiments Emoto taped the words of various emotions typed out by a word processor onto bottles of distilled water, meditating on the word at the time, and then left them overnight. He later froze the water molecules and photographed the resulting crystals. Comparing these crystals with the original pure distilled water crystals was fascinating and intriguing to say the very least.

Crystals from the bottles labelled ‘Love and Appreciation’ and ‘Thank You’ were changed, however, beautiful, clear, each exquisitely unique in form and colour. The bottle labelled ‘You Make Me Sick, I Will Kill You’, however, though equally changed from the original, was a distorted, tangled, misshapen, brownish-yellow mass, all crystalline form lost in its anguish. Emoto’s experiment proves our human capability to modify the physical world simply through the transmission of a thought wave, proof at least on water. But, think of the implications then of the effect our thoughts have on ourselves, or the effect our thoughts about someone have on that person. After all our bodies are over 70% water, as is the surface of our planet! In this same way the thought wave sent either consciously or unconsciously to you by the person from across the auditorium changes you, stimulates something in your brain which sets you into action.

This happens to all of us, my point being that it happens to all of us, not only to the select elite especially enlightened few. It is a common occurrence. It also happens all too often for it to be a case of chance. Somehow the energy of the thought waves created by you reaches the receptor cells of your friend’s brain and incites her into action to pick up the phone and dial. Science until now has no way of measuring this kind of energy transmission. Is it of the light world?

Let us think for a moment of a thought. Imagine. Although the physical manifestation of the neural processes is devastatingly slow in the cosmic sense, think of how quickly we can place ourselves in distant locals in our imagination. We attain a non-visible, non-tangible in our light world existence and this existence can place us seemingly instantaneously close-by Jupiter, for example, when anything else takes human minutes (sunlight) to human years (space probes) to arrive. In addition, our imaginary precision is pin-point perfect, light-weight, and floating without laborious hours of calculating trajectories, gravitational pulls and fuel consumption. We think it, we imagine it, and we are there. But why stop at Jupiter? Just as seemingly instantaneously we are on the remote opposite edge of our Milky Way Galaxy some 70,000+ light years away, or orbiting what we refer to as a mysterious black hole at, physically, 8-10 billion light years distant. ‘Light’ cannot get us there before 10 billion years, but our imagination places us non-physically (perhaps), invisibly (perhaps), perhaps energetically there now, immediately, not in 10 billion years.

Of what realm is the imagination? According to what rules does imagination operate? In this, our universe, it is invisible, intangible, yet we cannot say that it does not exist. We refer to it all the time. My question is not what do we imagine, which depends on how active an imagination we have, but what is imagination? What is its essence? Once again like any thought processes, those of the imagination are simply electrical impulses, measurable, agonizingly slow and of our ‘light’ world. But measuring imagination itself eludes science. Nothing of the essence of imagination is tangible or traceable, at least in our light universe, but, you can cry, laugh or shout because of it, its measurable results. You cannot see it, but its neural processes have an effect on you. They can be totally wild and unmanaged when encouraged, but just as willingly they are dull and dim-witted when not.

Some would argue that imagination is nothing more than these neural impulses. I believe there is more to it than that. Perhaps imagining being somewhere is akin to an out-of-body experience, only in a waking phase. Perhaps the essence of imagination travels faster than light and is one source of déjà -vu, where neurons pick up on the experience in an instantaneous secondary manifestation, following an energy transformation enabling the experience to manifest in our light world, in your dream, in your memory glitch or your past life transmission. You therefore actually did have the experience ‘a light second before the human second’ but cannot place where or when because we are not yet capable of interpreting the faster than light phenomena.

If there is another realm other than ‘light’, what may be some of the rules governing the maximum speed of this ‘non-light’? Imagine yourself hovering, dancing, floating, sipping tea with your little finger held high next to a black hole and noting things like stars and their solar winds, gamma rays and their sources, quasars and interstellar dust, detectable by you through ‘light’ and travelling at near the speed of light, being drawn faster and faster and faster into the black hole, attaining light speed and then, poof!, disappearing, ie: becoming invisible as they continue falling into the black hole. Are YOU still with me? Okay, now… Is our current understanding of the consequences of gravity one phenomena lending credence to my musings? Itself invisible and yet unquestionably there, in a black hole gravity traps both the material and non-material of our ‘light’ world in their entirety. Nothing can resist its pull. Everything appears to disappear. But what happens then? Do both the material and non, caught by the black hole, accelerate to a point where they surpass the speed of light and become invisible and undetectable, indeed along with light itself surpassing its own maximum speed, everything transforming into an altered energy state that we have not yet scientifically determined, that we must still discover and identify, and then explore?

Or does it all simply cease to exist? I can hardly believe that. So what is this point of transition? When does this instant of transformation actually take place? Is transformation ‘less than light speed instants’ just prior to attaining 186,000 miles per second which then enables the surpassing of the limit? Or is transformation ‘less than light speed instants’ just after attaining 186,000 miles per second the attainment of which has enabled the transformation? Energy transforms continuously, and I believe the invisible to be an energy force whose laws of existence we will yet discover and experience. Our own journey through the black hole may be the first step. Will we learn to become invisible upon command without the black hole and then just as easily transform back into what we now consider visible? Is the black hole a portal to another existence, a side of the cosmos attainable only by transformation and breaching of our light world and the limit of the speed of light, or by breaching and then transformation? This would then seem to imply that there is no such limit. Except in our mind. Except in our consciousness. We are trapped in a mind set that limits us. Light limits us to the speed of light.

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Laurel Botsford, Dr Ac

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Sri Lanka

April 2007 — update July 2008

Light Limits Us To The Speed Of Light: Part 1 by Laurel Botsford

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Laurel Botsford is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin  Madison, Wisconsin, USA with studies at LUniversiti dAix-en-Provence, France majoring in languages, has been Master Scuba Diver Trainer teaching others the wonders of one non-human world and is Dr. of Acupuncture, Shiatsu Therapy Practitioner and Universal Energy Healer. She is an amateur astronomer, ever interested in space and all it holds and a member of The Planetary Society, keeping abreast of up-to-date astrophysics knowledge and space exploration progress just for the enjoyment of reaching out.