Tough Bliss – Restorying Life by Genevieve Boast

Tough Bliss is that rare book, almost magical in it’s ability to stir and inspire the reader in creative ways. Moving anecdotes of personal and sacred moments in the author’s life offer insight and instruction for our own spiritual journey. As Ms. Boast writes, “This is an invitation to jump outside the game of life as you know it and see your unique story for perhaps the first time…” The invitation is deeply important: to reconnect with your true self, and to reunite with the Earth and the web of the universe. That’s a huge promise, but I believe the author delivers.

Through vivid stories of her life, moving from the corporate to the spiritual, and traveling throughout the world – talking to mountains in Colorado, to taking ayahuasca in a Peruvian rainforest and on to

the pyramids of Egypt – the author leads us through a process of regaining our humanity, remembering and “restorying” our past. This includes incorporating old wounds, emotional and physical, as well as taking back the joyful sparks of creativity we may have lost along the way. We are invited to explore our lives to see what motivates or inhibits our growth, and then to reclaim the “gifts” the universe holds for us. Lest this sound too heavy, I would add that Tough Bliss is lyrically moving, almost dancing through the pyche of the reader in ways that make the endeavor more like a soulful look in the mirror, not a chore. For anyone seeking clues for their own metamorphosis, or “to understand the lessons and the blessings” of one’s life, this is the book you need.

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Genevieve’s career began in mainstream media and entertainment where she spent over a decade working in the fields of change management, corporate social investment and cultural transformation. In 2010 she began to pursue her dream of facilitating a new modern mythology based on a story that unites. Her current business, Beyond Human Stories, reflects that passion – working with individuals, organizations and communities, creating new stories and paradigms in education, business and global society. She has recently completed an Msc in Responsible Sustainable Business and continues that work in the fields of new business, indigeny and sustainability. She currently travels the world as a speaker, facilitator and coach working with a wide and diverse range of people helping them master the art and science of story-making.