The Story of Gaia by Jude Currivan, Ph.D.

The Story of Gaia is a quiet powerhouse of research and consciousness. Jude Currivan’s premise, that the earth is a sentient, evolving being that has been supporting and participating in our own human evolution for thousands of years, is luminous in scope and hopeful in its message for navigating these changeable times.The author backs up her work with the latest scientific research that reveals the Universe and our world as conscious entities that are constantly evolving in complexity and awareness.

Here, antiseptic cosmologies based on “The Big Bang,” random events and chaotic accident, are replaced with a portrait of a deliberate consciousness that acts, and interacts, with purpose and intelligence. Importantly, Currivan reveals how this evolution is a collaborative process with human evolution. The author illustrates how this interactive dynamic pervades and informs our own human impulse toward growth, diversity and increasing self-awareness. The Story of Gaia presents a wonderfully harmonious worldview that will leave the reader deeply touched and empowered to co-create a shared future that is mindful and hopeful.

Jude Currivan, Ph. D., is a cosmologist, planetary healer, and futurist. She has a master’s degree in physics from Oxford University and a doctorate in archaeology from the University of Reading in the UK. She has traveled to more than 70 countries, worked with wisdomkeepers from many traditions, and has been a life-long researcher into the nature of reality. The author of six books, most recently The Cosmic Hologram, and a member of the Evolutionary Leaders circle, she lives in Wiltshire, England.