The Humming Effect by Jonathan Goldman & Andi Goldman

For those searching for a way to improve their health without medicine, or intrusive measures, The Humming Effect really rewards the reader. This slim book covers a lot of ground showing how humming can make a difference to one’s well being. The authors build a strong case through research and anecdotal data that humming can lead to increased oxygen levels, lowered blood pressure and heart rate, increased nitric oxide, release of endorphins, enhanced lymphatic circulation, and more.

The authors, Jonathan & Andi Goldman, highlight the long tradition of music and sound in all cultures: from the Biblical origins of “the word,” through the Hindu sound of “Om,” up to the modern day “Big Bang.”  With examples from cutting edge research, we learn how sound frequencies, or vibration, can affect our whole bodies and retrain us, down to the cellular level, to a state of health.  The authors include instruction on how to begin a humming practice, as well as a website link to examples of what they are describing. One of the most fascinating parts of the humming method, is that results appear to improve when it practiced with intention – in other words, one can direct the goal, or the outcome that one desires. That follows ancient teachings in yoga, and indeed, the authors explore those traditions.

Sound healing with humming may help those with depression, sleep disorders, stress related illness, and so much more. Importantly, Jonathan and Andi Goldman make the case for how the vibrations from humming have the potential to increase cell repair, neuroplasticity,  and to create new synaptic pathways. As the Goldmans point out, this has enormous implications for the treatment of Alzheimer’s patients, stroke victims, and those who have suffered head injuries. I highly recommend The Humming Effect for anyone who is interested in alternative approaches to enhancing their health and well being. I suspect that we’ve just touched on the surface of what sound healing can do, and that we will be learning much more about it in the days to come.

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