The 8th Chakra – What it is and how it can transform your life by Jude Currivan, PhD.

Jude Currivan has done it again The 8th Chakra is a fabulous compendium of science and spirit, truly visionary in scope. As in her first book, The Wave, Currivan reconciles perennial ancient wisdom with the latest in scientific findings but The 8th Chakra takes it even further, into the realms of the transpersonal. The result is beautiful and persuasive.

According to the author, The 8th Chakra is an emerging portal into transpersonal awareness and the Universal Heart. It has always been there, accessible to mystics and the initiated, but it is now available more readily. By accessing this chakra, we can identify and release old traumas, fears, and behavioral patterns that are causing us pain or limiting us in some way. As our awareness expands and we shed old fears, we come closer to unity and the Universal Heart. As Currivan explains, this in turn leads to an increased understanding of the Cosmos, and access to other transpersonal chakras. As our understanding grows, we begin to sense not only how the Cosmos is as it is, but perhaps why.

Readers of Currivan’s first book, The Wave, will find many of the concepts in The 8th Chakra familiar the role of light, sound, waves, and vibrations both in the wisdom schools of old, and now in modern science. These topics are explored in more depth, along with several new ideas, as is the increased evidence that we co-create our reality indeed, that our perceptions are a vibration that is affecting the world around us.

This is an important point, and the author does an exceptional job of illustrating how our fears, attitudes and beliefs define and limit our reality. As Currivan points out, our perceptions shape our sense of well-being, and anything that is out of balance will be reflected in our reality. While on a local level this may mean a diseased body, on a global level these imbalances will manifest as pollution, eco-systems dying, and war.

The author strikes a nice balance between facts, theories, personal anecdotes and examples and new information. There are several exercises included for accessing and working with the higher chakras, the higher self, and the various devas, entities and energies that can help us to heal ourselves and our earth. Having laid the groundwork that all existence has energy and vibration, the author opens the door to dousing, ley- lines, sacred sites, geomantic clearing and more.

This is fascinating material and fosters the goal of connecting and sensing with more than the usual five senses. Working with the 8th chakra (and the author says we are working up to encompassing 12 chakras!) allows us to feel connected to each other, the earth, and the universe on wonderful new levels. The 8th Chakra is a powerful book and a powerful tool for healing all these levels.

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by Cheryl Shainmark
Dr Jude Currivan PhD is a sensitive, scientist, healer and cosmic geomancer, who has directly experienced multidimensional realities and guidance from an early age. She has researched ancient wisdom, consciousness and metaphysics for over forty-five years, holds a PhD in Cognitive Archaeology and a Masters Degree in Physics. During an international business career, Jude gained a global perspective and combined her intuitive gifts with a practical and grounded approach to individual and collective change. Jude has also worked with and learned from the elders and shamans of many wisdom traditions and has just completed her first book entitled, THE WAVE, published in 2005.