The Back in Time Tarot Book by Janet Boyer

This is a fascinating book, and a whole new way to bring the sub-conscious up to the light of day. The Back in Time Tarot Book is not like any other tarot book you may have read before. Janet Boyer has developed an innovative and unique method of working with the cards.

The emphasis is not to divine the future (although this book will give you the skills to do that later) — but rather it’s all about learning the Tarot through reading past events. The idea here is to pick any event: real, imagined, a TV show — whatever interests you — and then pick the cards that most represent to you the people, places, or activities of the situation. Not only does this teach the Tarot deck in a uniquely personal way, but it allows you to gain valuable insight into your own psyche. By exploring the past you begin to learn what is influencing you in the present.

Janet Boyer has been working with the Tarot for a long time, and has used it to explore her own past. The author has been an ordained minister, a book reviewer (Amazon’s top 100) as well as an editor and columnist for various websites and magazines. Boyer uses these experiences to give us the how-to of using her method. She, along with several contributing authors, give you their reading on various past events or stories. The examples are very interesting all by themselves, but at the same time, the reader begins to get a feel for learning the cards and how to make a reading meaningful.

Why is looking at the past in this way meaningful? The author reminds us that by looking at how we tell the story of the past, we uncover the attitudes, beliefs and suppressed issues that are affecting us in the present. Boyer includes some exercises for the reader, and if you try just a few, you will begin to see what she means. If you do more than a few, and begin to get comfortable with the cards, you will enter the flow state, almost a trance state, that allows sub-conscious material to come up. This is always a valuable tool for re-framing or growing from one’s experiences. As the author points out, once you have learned the cards in this truly personal way, you can begin to help others and give readings for the present and the future. Even if you never give another person a reading, you can gain a lot of insight by trying out Boyer’s method.

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by Cheryl Shainmark
Janet Boyer is an author, writer, reviewer, and teacher. She is the former Editor of the New Age site at, the second largest women's site on the web, a position she held for two years. Currently, Janet is an Editor at The Tarot Channel, a neat site devoted to all things Tarot--including reviews, articles, how-to's, Tarot sightings in the media, and more.In December 2008, she started an exclusive monthly Tarot series for PlanetLightworker Magazine called The Trumps of Tarot: A Romp Through the Major Arcana.