The Intuitive Arts on Money by Arlene Tognetti and Katherine A. Gleason

***image1***As the song from the musical Cabaret sings, “Money makes the world go around”, but what it is that makes money go around? Specifically, what is it that constitutes our own interpersonal relationship with money? Why do some of us seem to have it land in our laps without exerting much effort while others of us never seem to have access to it no matter how hard we work for it?In their book, The Intuitive Arts on Money, authors Arlene Tognetti and Katherine A. Gleason have us take a look at money and the notion of abundance using a different perspective — ­ a New Age perspective. They introduce money not just as currency, but rather, as a flow of energy.Tognetti and Gleason introduce the Intuitive Arts of the Tarot, Astrology and Psychic Intuition to help us reassert our relationship with money; taking out much of the fear and angst we may have about it. The authors teach us how to incorporate the Intuitive Arts as tools to help draw the idea of abundance and in turn, wealth. As centuries-old teaching and divination tools used for self-discovery and insight, the Intuitive Arts can be overwhelmingly complicated with their abundance of ancient knowledge and glyphic symbolism. Tognetti and Gleason skillfully unpeel the onion-skin layer by layer and explain the principles behind these ancient art forms, gingerly unfolding the basics of Astrology, Psychic Intuition and theTarot.***image2***The book is filled with fun and entertaining prose while using celebrity natal charts such as Oprah Winfrey, Warren Buffet and others to exemplify the authors’ messages. It also includes short practice exercises, easy tips and card spreads designed to help you gain insight into the intuitive processes existing within yourself, which can take you from being an intuitive novice filled with financial woes, to an intuitive expert ready to make the world your oyster.It is a great book! It is fascinating, fun and uplifting. The Intuitive Arts on Money will no doubt make you re-evaluate your connection, or lack of connection with money and abundance as well your connection with yourself. Tognetti and Gleason point out such concepts as what it is, in human behavior, that repels abundance, the significance of the planetary transits,and what can be done, as well as what metaphysical tools can be used to ensure the real promise of a bright and more financially secure future.You don’t just read this book — you interact with it like a new metaphysical teacher or friend. Once you have put it down, your stress and worries over money will be wiped away; replaced with a new optimistic perception of abundance in your life as you will most likely never look at a dollar bill the same way again.

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by Clarissa Tallon
*Arlene Tognetti is the co-author of all five books in The Intuitive Arts series and has been studying Tarot and astrology since the 1970s and started her own practice in 1980. She began teaching the Tarot at the University of Washington in the Experimental College in 1982 and currently teaches the Tarot at Pierce College in Tacoma, Washington. *Katherine A. Gleason is the co-author of Releasing the Goddess Within.