The March Equinox and Other Astrological Spring Highlights

In my last newsletter of December I said that whilst on the surface the events of December Solstice of 2012 might not appear momentous of themselves, that at a deeper and more significant level, I believe this time truly embodies a collective choice and shift in our psyche, a tipping point for our evolutionary destiny and the potential for the emergence of a whole-worldview encompassing ourselves, our beloved Gaia and the entire Cosmos.Since then I have been gaining an ever deepening sense of this really being the beginning of a New Era. For me, the first sign of this was on the first day of January when Tony and I went for a walk in the Avebury landscape, near our home. After weeks of rain which felt that the old hurts of the past were being grieved for and then washed away in release, the day dawned with a glorious bright blue sky. The ancient moat around Silbury Hill was brimful of water. It’s in the shape of a pregnant Goddess, with the Hill itself as her belly, swollen with the potential of a new birth. Seeing the Hill and the blue sky above, mirrored in the water, I began to sense how this New Y-era will emerge; with the consequences of our choices more clearly and immediately mirrored to us than ever before. As above, so below: as within, so without. We are being asked and are being called to to ask ourselves what are our choices – and most importantly, what are they based on? If the answer is fear, that will be obviously mirrored in their effects. And if the answer is love, it is the results of that love, which will be manifested. Since that first day of the New Y-era, other significant outer signs of the higher purpose of our fundamental choices – and their mirrored consequences have been pervading world events. On 15th February the close – but mercifully safe – call from a meteor and asteroid offered us a cosmic wake-up call. Since then the presence of two comets is confirming that change is indeed underway. The unprecedented resignation of Pope Benedict and the inauguration of Pope Francis is another event where higher purpose and in this case through which the divine feminine of the Holy Spirit is flowing. Lightning struck the Vatican only hours after the ‘bolt from the blue’ that was Benedict’s renunciation of his role. And the new Pope has taken his name, from St Francis of Asisi: the first Pope to ever do so. In his inauguration he mirrored St Francis: speaking of his church being in service to all people and especially the disadvantaged and to all of creation: calling for the world to embody love, tenderness and hope. As the March Equinox heralds the coming of Spring to northern climes, I invite you to feel hope rising within you and to have eyes to see and ears to hear the signs and promises of the New Era of the New Earth. >

Soular Astrology

In the run up to the March Equinox when the Sun moving into Aries marks the Astrological New Year, the appearance of two comets Pan-STARRS in the northern hemisphere and Lemmon in the southern and comet ISON in November/December, which may be as bright as the Full Moon, are continuing harbingers of change. The Equinox itself sees the reestablishment of the YOD between Saturn, Pluto and Jupiter which also marked last December’s Solstice and re-energises the fateful choices of this period. Requiring major adjustments and positive choices if we’re to manifest the joyous possibilities of the emergent New Era it is supporting our courageous evolution rather than fear-based regression into the comfort blanket of familiar but outdated and painful patterns. And bearing in mind the point I made earlier about mirroring, our choices will be clearly reflected in their immediate consequences — for good or ill. Active Mars is conjunct ‘unexpected’ Uranus on 22nd March in the Fire sign of Aries and then squares Pluto on the 27th. What this strongly suggests is that the more mind-ful and heart-ful – rather than accidental – your choices and actions are during the conjunction, the more their effects will be transformed through Pluto’s influence. As Saturn continues his sojourn through Scorpio that began in October last year and will continue until September 2015, Saturnian issues of sex, death and regeneration are indeed in the news. Sex scandals and issues over gay and gender rights abound: all offering opportunities for progressive and compassionate re-soulution. The conflict in Syria, with its enormous humanitarian tragedy, invites our profound compassion and willingness to help. And after the massacre of children and teachers at the Sandy Hook school in Connecticut, the US also has an opportunity to reduce gun violence, if its collective psyche is ready to do so. On 25th April a partial lunar eclipse in Scorpio arcs over Europe, Africa, Asia and Australia. With the Moon conjunct Saturn in Scorpio, their combined energies imply previously hidden secrets may be revealed and offer an opportunity for dealing with, working through and re-soulving toxic relationships. In opposition to the Sun, conjunct with Mars, by taking responsibility, the eclipse offers you the release of ego-based issues from the past. That’s not to say that this will be an easy process — the presence of Saturn suggests its intensity. But if you’re able to do so, the eclipse can enable a significant inner shift for you. An annular solar eclipse then follows on 9th /10th May. Whilst visible over northern Australia and the southern Pacific, like the lunar eclipse before it, its energies will be felt on a world-wide basis. Occurring in Taurus, the sign of money and material security, the eclipse suggests that financial and security issues will predominate. Regarding financial matters, the US and Europe may see an upsurge in on-going budgetary and fiscal tensions — with the possibility of a resultant release and the beginning of real and essential change. And with regard to security, there is a strong sense of the current situation becoming unsustainable, with the potential for significant developments in the relationship between Israel and its Middle East neighbours and between Asian countries such as Japan, China and North and South Korea. From a personal perspective, this is an opportune time to shed light on your own relationship with money and perception of security with a view: not from fear but on a practical and balanced basis to improve your situation with regard to both. And finally, on 20th May occurs the next in the series of seven exact squares between Uranus in Aries and Pluto in Capricorn that from 2012 until 2015 characterise and continues to ratchet up and energise the transformational urge of this pivotal time. 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Since the beginning of this New Y-era, I’ve had many people tell me that whilst they may be aware of the new energies that on a personal level they’re feeling lost, unanchored and unsure where to go now? I understand and appreciate their feelings! It’s not however, I feel, about an absence of something but rather a state of no-thingness, which Buddhists describe as shunyata. It’s rather like the space between an in-breath and an out-breath; a state of potentiality that holds all possibilities. For me, this time feels like the pregnant belly of the Mother Goddess represented by Silbury Hill – readying and swelling within each of us and on collective levels, the potential for the birth of what we choose for this New Era. Just as babies are naturally born in their own perfect time, I invite anyone feeling this sense of no-thingness, to relax in its space of beingness and envisage the possibilities that you choose for the divine child that is ready to be born within your own consciousness. On the 19th March, Pope Francis invited the global audience for his inauguration to be filled with tenderness and hope. And on 20th March, the United Nations inaugurated an annual International Day of Happiness. I feel that being tender, hopeful and happy is the essence of this March Equinox and of the way ahead.

by Jude Currivan
Dr Jude Currivan PhD is a cosmologist, planetary healer, international award-winning Hay House author, visionary and educator. Jude is also the author of The Wave, (O Books 2005), The 8th Chakra (Hay House 2006), CosMos — a co-creator’s guide to the whole-world (Hay House 2008) co-authored with Dr Ervin Laszlo, and Heart, Mind and Purpose (Hay House 2008) a double CD of her teachings and attunements. Her latest book HOPE - Healing Our People & Earth was published by Hay House 4th July 2011.