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SHAKTI is a spiritual technology.

Shakti Helmet“Shakti is the latest generation of a technology developed at Laurentian University’s Behavioral Neurosciences Program, under the direction of Dr. Michael A. Persinger. In laboratory settings, this class of technology had succeeded in inducing experiences that people call religious, spiritual, or mystical. This refers to deep states of relaxation as well as ‘visions’ enhancements in dreaming, and a whole range of such ‘special’ experiences.”

“CLICKHERETo Read the “WIRED” article “This is your Brain On God”, about his experience with complex magnetic signal technology.”


“Yes. Research. You are encouraged to submit reports of your experiences to the inventor who in turn, will submit them to a university research group. Tech support e-mails, and other correspondence are also submitted. There is a form you are encouraged to fill out that will allow you to submit a questionnaire. This questionnaire will provide a pre-Shakti neural profile that will add to both the research potential for the Shakti Helmet, as well as facilitating your tech support.”


“ClickHEREto learn more about how Shakti works, and to access the page where you order Shakti.”

“Shakti (and it’s predecessors) rely on a simple idea. It started with two EEG (electroencephalograph) signals taken from parts of the brain that are known to be involved in religious experiences (the amygdala and the hippocampus). These two structures turn out to be where the seizures begin in epileptics who had blissful or visionary seizures (not a common type of seizure, but it does exist).”

“These EEG signals were converted into data files, and eventually into audio files, and from there, to a CD or a sound card.

Instead of being played through speakers or headphones, they are ‘played’ through a set of magnetic coils.

Their magnetic signals ‘match’ the electrical signals from the structures you’re working with. As a Shakti session proceeds, these structures become more and more active. For most people, 10 minutes later, they start to feel something. Half an hour into the session, that feeling becomes stronger, and it begins to take over the person’s experience.

When the session reaches an hour, we stop. After that, we wait at least one week.”


“That depends on how much care YOU put into it. Both of the brain parts we work with have two sides. One in the left hemisphere, and one in the right hemisphere. If one on one side is pleasant, the one on the other side will be unpleasant. To make Shakti safe FOR YOU, you will have to be sure you’re not ‘left-handed’ with regard to either of these structures. We have two tests for this. One can be done before you receive Shakti, and consists of two imaginative exercises. The other can only be done after you’ve received Shakti.

To do this test Using Shakti, you apply each wave form to both sides of the head, one at a time. You do 10 minutes with ONE wave form on one side, and then the same wave form on the other side. Then, one chooses the more pleasant side, and runs a session on that side for about 20 minutes. If you decide to participate, you’ll have to do these tests. People who have one structure ‘reversed’ usually find out at this point.”

Which Brain structures does Shakti work with?

“Shakti’s wave forms are specific to the amygdala and the hippocampus, two limbic structures. We apply the amygdaloid wave form to the dominant hemisphere (that usually means the left side), and the hippocampal wave form to the non-dominant side (usually the right side). Getting Shakti to work for you will require you to test yourself in a couple of ways. The amygdala is an emotional structure, and its positive emotions have to do with its activity on the left side. The hippocampus is a cognitive structure, and its positive ways of thinking have to do with activity on the right side.”

The Shakti Helmet has been discontinued, however the The 8 Coil Shakti is available for purchase.

8 Coil Shakti

“The 8 Coil Shakti is for:

Spiritual and Personality Transformation; Overcoming Fear, Sadness, and Anger. Details . (Does not apply to diagnosed psychiatric disorders) Creating Intense and unique altered states of consciousness Details Enhancing Meditation (as well as other mind machines) Details Mood enhancement Details ” “Shakti uses magnetic fields with signals embedded in them for consciousness exploration, spiritual growth, mood enhancements, altered-state experience, and learning brain structure and function. Shakti connects to your PC computer, which controls it’s output. Your brain produces electrical signals as it operates. The 8 Coil Shakti applies magnetic signals to your head that mimic them. Because some brain structures have known ‘signatures’, they can be ‘targeted’ by applying their signatures as magnetic signals. Just as the brain has specific responses to specific chemicals, it also has specific responses to specific magnetic signals. It does not use EMF emissions. The 8 Coil Shakti headset moves magnetic signals between two sets of coils for altered states of consciousness, mood enhancements and improvements to meditation and other spiritual practices.” “Alternating the signals (between the two stereo channels of your sound card) adds momentumto their effects, and approximates the effects of ‘rotation’ used in laboratory studies. The 8 Coil Shakti uses two sound channels, the left and right stereo output from a computer sound card. The laboratory studies, sometimes called the “God Helmet Experiments”, used eight stereo channels. The equipment to replicate the “God helmet” is more expensive than the 8 Coil Shakti, and can be seen Here. The 8 Coil Shakti is an affordable alternative that approximates, but does not duplicate, the “God Helmet”. Similar effects have been reported from both neural stimulation systems. Note: the “God Helmet” is not used for mood enhancement.”

“The 8 Coil Shakti was used on A & E network’s program Paranormal State ( Episode Listing ). Read more about this. NOTE: The A&E program mistakenly said the 8 coil Shakti used EMF emissions. It’s not. It’s a magnetic device (without EMF emissions).”

Temporal-frontal area “Eight coils, applied over both hemispheres, maximize your chances for a striking spiritual experience or mood enhancement using Shakti. The coils can be applied to several places on the head, for a range of different effects.

Over the Temporal Lobes These headsets have eight coils to make sure you are able to apply the signals to both sides of your head. This is a safety feature, and cannot be dispensed with. There are also sessions where the signals do not alternate. These are designed for altered state experiences and mood enhancements, and are based on laboratory procedures. NOTE: The coils do not have indicator lights. These animations are only to demonstrate how Shakti operates.”

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Shakti uses signals derived from individual brain structures to elicit altered-state experiences, mood enhancements and improvements in spiritual practices, like meditation. The different jobs these brain parts do provide different effects for each signal. Each signal 'targets' a specific brain part. Each brain is different, and there are many ways to use Shakti. Your experiences will depend on what you're prone to, and the choices you make in using it. The 8 Coil Shakti represents a new generation of a technology developed at Laurentian University's Behavioral Neurosciences Program, under the direction of Dr. Michael A. Persinger. In laboratory settings, this class of technology had succeeded in inducing experiences that people call religious, spiritual, or mystical.