The Warrior Code By Imre Vallyon

The Warrior Seeks Peace Not War

The Warrior Code: 365 Aphorisms of the Spiritual Warrior by Imre Vallyon “Non‐violence is the greatest virtue of a Warrior. Does this seem strange? A true Warrior lives in Peace with himself and in Peace with his neighbours. In fact, a true Warrior is totally self‐controlled.

A true Warrior never goes on a rampage of destruction. The Skill of the Warrior is only for deserving ends: to protect the weak, to right wrongs, to uplift the downtrodden, and to protect Humanity from the forces of evil. Even towards the Enemy, the true Warrior is kind and does not seek unnecessary death and violence. The true Warrior is never cruel–not to people, nor to animals.

The true Warrior does what is right and proper to fulfill his or her Duty. The true Warrior does not glory in violence, nor in self‐ importance, nor in greed. He or she is humble and unassuming.

The true Warrior is honest and truthful and does not employ the art of cunning or deceit to gain advantage over another. The true Warrior has a large Heart and easily forgives.

There are four types of warrior: the physically strong but with no intelligence; the feeling, emotional, idealistic warrior; the mental, calculating, cunning type; and the best, the Spiritual Warrior.”

Skill in Action

“The Master Warriors of old had calm bodies. Why? Because they spent lots of time in calm meditations. A tranquil mind produces a tranquil body, which increases mind‐body coordination and performance. An agitated mind produces an agitated body, and therefore a lack of proper coordination.

Spend lots of time in correct meditations to produce mental tranquility and emotional harmony. Then you will have no problem training the body.

Skill in Action depends on mind‐body coordination. Anxiety, stress and fear in your mind also registers in your brain and nervous system, making your body uncoordinated. If your body is uncoordinated, you cannot have Skill in Action. So, start with your mind first.

Anxiety and fear in your mind interferes with the smooth functioning of bodily movements.

Orderly thinking creates an orderly activity in your physical body and therefore health and well‐being. A chaotic mind produces chaotic responses in your brain, nervous system and bodily functions, creating ill‐health and weakness.

The Warrior Code: 365 Aphorisms of the Spiritual Warrior is a guide for practical living in the world, where the Spiritual Warrior must live. You may meditate on one Aphorism each day, or you may choose to meditate on an Aphorism for as long as you wish.

Imre VallyonThe Aphorisms may also be used as a source of guidance in times of crisis, trouble and opposition in your life. When problems seem insurmountable and the enemy is attacking you, simply open a page at random and instruction will come your way. After a while you will find a solution to all problems and conflict situations. The Spiritual Warrior will give you indications of what to do. Sometimes it is action that is required while sometimes it is precisely inaction that is the appropriate Way.

The Way of the Warrior is not a worldly wisdom; you will be guided by an other‐worldly Light. May that Light bring you through the Valley of Tears to the Mountaintop of Insight.”Excerpts taken from The Warrior Code: 365 Aphorisms of the Spiritual Warrior by Imre Vallyon, Sounding Light Publishing, ISBN No. 978‐0‐909038‐64‐9.

Planetary Transformation: The Age of Sounding-Light by Imre Vallyon

by Imre Vallyon
Born in Budapest, Hungary, Imre emigrated to New Zealand as a refugee at the age of sixteen. Since 1980 he has dedicated his life to teaching the Wisdom science through his extensive writings and through workshops and retreats conducted around the world.Imre’s extraordinary knowledge of human spirituality is derived not from scholarly research, but issues forth from his own Interior Realization. He spans the full spectrum of human experience: reaching through time, illuminating the great Spiritual Teachings and Sacred languages of our planetary history while pointing the way to the future. Imre’s work is one of synthesis. His writing is universal, not biased towards any particular religion or tradition. Imre Vallyon and Sounding-Light Publishing were awarded first place in the prestigious Ashton Wylie Charitable Trust Awards, and won a gold medal in the 2009 Living Now Awards, for four-volume spiritual treatise Heavens and Hells of the mind. Visit for more information.