To Spleen or Not To Spleen – Body Harmony Through Jin Shin Jyutsu® by Mitzi Adams

That is the question. At least energetically, we ask when can this underrated organ help us to overcome symptoms and help us with general energy needs? For an organ that is so often removed in surgery and deemed, “able to live without,” we really need the energy of the spleen to give us that sense of harmony and well-being. The good news is, even without it, the energy of the spleen still exists.

With Jin Shin Jyutsu®, an ancient healing art form that uses the life force of the body to promote healing, one can learn how the energy of the spleen can be a powerful aid in helping the body with the use of one’s hands.

First off, the spleen is located just under the left ribcage, tucked between the stomach and the left side of the ribcage. It is actually a large lymph gland and is a filter and storage center for blood cells. As it is part of the lymphatic system, it produces some of the white blood cells and antibodies that defend the body against infection. In Jin Shin Jyutsu, the spleen itself and its energy pathway, is all part of the energy flow.Each organ in the body has its own road map and when the energy along this road map is free flowing, there is usually no disharmony.

Factors such as stress, illness, injury, toxins in food and water, and weather conditions, however, can cause the energy to reverse and stagnate, eventually leading the energy pathways in the body to intermingle. This is when disharmony occurs.

The spleen energy can come to the rescue on many occasions. The spleen is an earth organ and harmonizer of the nervous system. It helps us with the attitude of worry and is a total body regulator. It aids the body in transforming food into energy, and is the forerunner to every effort in the body. When it is in harmony, it brings sunshine to our bodies. With our hands as jumper cables, we can plug into its solar energy and help with a host of symptoms from allergies, memory, throat issues, candida, coughs, herpes, energy depletion and vitamin D absorption.

As a matter of course, it helps the lymphatic system to do its job well, and in turn, helps all the other systems in the body. Its road map crosses through the reproductive area, so naturally it is a good flow to perform for reproductive issues. When acute pain in the stomach occurs or when food seems not to descend, the spleen flow is an excellent helper. When we yawn a lot, the spleen energy is deplete. Boredom is not to blame!

Jin Shin Jyutsu® © Mitzi AdamsI remember when this flow acted as a 911 call. Years ago, I was on my way to dance class, after taking two large cayenne tablets to help with asthma symptoms I had at the time. My basement had flooded and mold grew, and before I knew it, I was having a hard time breathing. Thinking the cayenne would open my lungs, I indulged and learned a big lesson. As I made my way to the dance building, I began to feel faint and nauseous. I got to the elevator and on the way up to the studio, my teacher saw me hanging onto the wall. I told her what happened and she offered to get me some crackers. I kindly refused knowing I couldn’t put anything in my mouth with the raging flames coming out.

I was breaking into a sweat and thinking that I was going to pass out any minute. I got myself to a couch and laid down. I immediately started to perform the spleen flow, knowing that it was a total body regulator. A few minutes into it, the heat subsided and I slowly started to feel better. I did the flow on the other side and by the time I was done, I felt 100%. I went to class late and danced better than ever! My teacher said afterward that I should take cayenne more often. No thanks! I’ll stick to it as a seasoning, but pill form is not an option. Kids who play with matches can start forest fires!

Many of my clients plagued with allergies have been helped by the spleen flow. As well as doing their part with the self-help, I will perform the spleen flow on them to further clear the blocked energy. Chronic sufferers either have rid themselves completely, or have significantly reduced their symptoms using this powerful tool. Another client who comes regularly complained of outbreaks of herpes. Knock on wood, this so called ”incurable disease” has not come back to rear its ugly head. A fluke, perhaps, but I trust that the Jin Shin Jyutsu was doing its job in this case. I utilized the spleen flow repeatedly, as she did, and we continue to use it for maintenance.

Food poisoning and food allergies can be helped with the spleen flow. I remember using this flow during a play after ingesting an energy drink with an added herb to which I reacted. I was in trouble and thought I was going to have to leave. My husband, also a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner, did the spleen flow on one side , as I did the other side. I fully recovered and enjoyed the rest of the play.

When in doubt, perform the spleen flow to bring balance back to the body. While there are innumerable ways to help yourself in times of need, why not be your own testimony and work with these four simple steps:

Performed sitting or lying down, hold each position for a few minutes, more or less…

1)Place left hand on coccyx, (tailbone), and right hand at inside of right ankle, below the bone.

2)Keep left hand at coccyx and move right hand to left ribcage tip.

3) Keep right hand at left ribcage tip and move left hand to just off the right breast area (three ribs down from the collarbone)

4) Keep right hand at left ribcage tip and move left hand under left collarbone (just under center of collarbone)

Reverse for other side. It is not necessary to do both sides. One can alternate left and right sides, one day after the other.Doing both sides in a day will only increase the body’s energy. No harm can be done.Do at least for twenty minutes per side. If time does not permit, do what you can.There are no rules.The more you perform this flow, the faster the energy will arise; therefore, less time may be needed.

To Spleen or not to spleen, there is no question!

© Mitzi Adams

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by Mitzi Adams
Mitzi Adams is a Jin Shin Jyutsu practitioner with private practice in Connecticut and New York City.