Altered Genes Twisted Truth by Steven Druker

In his latest newsletter, Dr. Mercola interviews Steven Druker, author of Altered Genes, Twisted Truth, a fascinating new book describing how GMOs came into being and have been allowed to permeate our food supply through illegal means and without legally required safety testing. Following Druker’s narrative, the marketing of GE foods in the United States is based on the FDA’s fraudulent claim that they are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS) . According to the law, no GE food can qualify as GRAS unless there is overwhelming consensus about its safety within the scientific community, and that consensus cannot be based on hypotheses or speculation; it has to be based on solid evidence. As the author makes clear in his book, in the case of GE foods, there is no such evidence. FDA’s own files contain the admission that they didn’t have any technical evidence upon which to base their presumption that GE foods are GRAS.

From the article on , “On January 24, a statement signed by 300 scientists, researchers, physicians and scholars was published in the peer-reviewed journal Environmental Sciences Europe, 1 asserting that there is no scientific consensus on the safety of GMOs. Moreover, the paper, titled “No Scientific Consensus on GMO Safety,” states that the claim of scientific consensus on GMO safety is in actuality ‘an artificial construct that has been falsely perpetuated.’ The paper also notes that such a claim ‘is misleading and misrepresents or outright ignores the currently available scientific evidence and the broad diversity of scientific opinions among scientists on this issue.'”

The author actually sued the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in 1998 and challenged their 1992 policy statement that presumed genetically engineered foods are Generally Recognized as Safe (GRAS).

In Altered Genes, Twisted Truth, Druker explains how the government and the media have committed fraud, completely dropped the ball, and failed in their due diligence in allowing GMO products to saturate the marketplace. Unlike European and other nations that have banned GMO products as unsafe, the US has allowed food regulation protocol to be circumvented. Druker writes, “In addition, the FDA still does not possess any evidence demonstrating safety because they do not even do scientific reviews. And even if they did, a large number of scientists say there’s still no evidence demonstrating that GE foods are safe, while a number of independent studies have raised serious health concerns. Quite clearly, there is NOT a “general recognition of safety among scientists,” and these foods are on the market illegally. They were illegal when they were first introduced in 1992, and they continue to be illegal now in 2015.”

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by Dr. Mercola