Tom’s Table Tour: The Bay Sisters; San Francisco & Oakland, CA

The Golden Era The Golden Lotus

NancyDang Van Dang

572 O’Farrell 1301 Franklin St

San Francisco, CA 94102 Oakland, CA 94612

415-673-3136 510-893-0383

The Bay Area has always been one of my favorite tour stops, whether the Peninsula, the East Bay or downtown San Francisco. I’ve discovered a kinship with two enduring friends there — The Golden Era and The Golden Lotus, both totally vegetarian.

A reliable measure for the excellence of a vegetarian restaurant is the continuous patronage of veggie and non-veggie folks alike. A diverse public frequents both of these eateries because the food is so flat out great.

I first discovered The Golden Lotus in Oakland several years ago. This restaurant was quite modest in the early days. It has now been expanded and is a steady presence in downtown Oakland.

In chatting with Van Dang, I learned that her sister, Nancy Dang, owned a companion restaurant in downtown San Francisco. In fact, The Golden Era menus and recipes are almost identical.

I began frequenting both restaurants, determined solely by proximity to my tour location.

These restaurants are Asian in flavor and flair, as is so common among veggie stalwarts. However, there are numerous creations that I’ve never seen replicated anywhere vegetarian. My considered favorite is the caramelized chicken (soy), but I have browsed their menus with delight and found it all beautiful and succulent. Another must mention is the pot sticker appetizer (small fried veggie turnover) — I believe I haven’t passed this item up once in the last ten times I’ve eaten there.

So let’s bless the Bay Sisters for a headline contribution to vegetarianism. I’m confident you will be delighted!

Blessings — Tom Park

by Tom Park
Vegetarian restaurants present a special interest for Tom Park. He has been a lacto vegetarian for 40 years — continuously. And he eats at a restaurant every day of his life! Tom travels the country producing speaking events for celebrity metaphysical authors with his company Park Productions. As he tours the nation, he scouts for treasures to serve you. Enjoy!