Unicorn Books and Spiritual Resource Center in Boston

While in Boston, I made a visit to an intriguing bookstore called Unicorn Books and Spiritual Resource Center. I found an excellent selection of books, tapes, crystals and cards. There were some unusual pieces, including five inch dowsing rods, which could comfortably fit into one’s bag side by side with miniature traveling Meditation Alter Cards.

I found the atmosphere to be tranquil and friendly. The store was spacious and decorated with soft soothing colors. There were comfortable cushioned chairs available, enabling one to sit and browse.There was a nice selection of pendulums and an excellent meditation section. One book in particular struck me titled, “How To Meditate, Using Chakras, Mantras and Breath,” by Dennis K. Chernin, M.D. It was very informative and well written with two C.D.’s on meditation at the back of the book – well worth buying.

On a lighter note, I found mouse pads with interesting symbolism ranging from wave formations and Navajo patterns to personally coloring your own Egyptian Sphinx. These can be found at www.pomegranate.com . Also there was a vast array ofcalendars ranging from Carl Sagan’s Cosmic poster to Buddhist art.

When you visit this store, make sure you have plenty of time. I found a cozy nook filled with a good selection of spiritual books written for children, ranging from Prince Siddhartha, a coloring book, Tai Chi for Kids, by Stuart Alve Olsen, Quest for the Crystal Castle by Dan Millman, and My Guardian Angel by Samara Angelae to name but a few.

The co-founder of Unicorn Books is Reverend Gita Beth Bryant, who also gives classes on soul development through yogic meditation, using mantra, visualizations, and other focusing and opening techniques.

Full moon rituals are held each month by the manager of the store Carolyn Kepes.

For a final touch of enjoyment there are facilities to make tea and coffee accompanied by fresh cookies and muffins. You can also listen with headphones to a selection of New Age tapes and CD’s. What could be better?

I am personally looking forward to revisiting this charming bookstore on my return to Boston.

Rev.Gita Beth Bryant heads the Meditation programs. She is an ordained minister, Reiki Master, writer, and a co-founder of Unicorn Books. She has studied and taught Yoga Philosophy and Meditation for 30 years at Unicorn, and in ashrams, adult education centers, and prisons. Sojourns in her own master’s ashrams in the U.S. and India continue to deepen her own practice, and renew her commitment to sharing the richness of the inner world with others.

Gita Beth Bryant is available for private pastoral mentoring, as well as sacred ceremonies. Call 617-876-4448


by Merryn Jose
A professional spiritual intuitive, writer and teacher; who lives in Westchester, New York. She comes from a long lineage of practicing Celtic psychics. Her web site is a regularly updated resource of Holistic information concerning the development of the intuitive faculties, featuring podcast interviews with cutting edge minds on MerlianPodcasts.com. Merryn is also the Editor-in-Chief and publisher of the online magazine, Merlian News.